Dance desire  

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5/23/2006 7:02 pm

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Dance desire

As we lie with bodies entwined
Engaged in a dance erotic
Wonder and exploration the means,
Pleasure where the path will lead.

I touch her face with tenderness.
I draw her body near.
To feed an aching hunger
She had made very clear.

Our lips meet in soft kisses,
And the escalation begins
As our tongues embark
on passion’s war.

I caress her body tenderly,
she arches her back and sighs.
As a breast is lightly cupped
And thumb flicks across a nipple

My hand travels lower
She shivers with need
I brush her hardened button
And a finger separates wet lips.

She moans, her body on fire
And grasps my teasing hand,
exquisite torture almost too much
she moves to push our passion’s play.

She immediately moves astraddle,
And I slide easily into her moistness.
She takes the lead enthusiastically
A sensually rhythmic dance ensues,

Her pace increases,
my thrusting hips must follow.
my delight draws near
between her womanly thighs.

Our gazes are locked
gasps in synchronous accord,
our bodies tangled in a knot
as the dance winds down.

Side by side we lie sated,
But our hunger still unquenched.
She slides down to light a spark
Her lips gently persuade.

She rises up and lips meet
Animal hunger erupts anew.
I now rise above her,
To tease and explore at will.

Sensuous torment, short lived
I thrust between thighs widespread,
The dance erotic and riotous
Until our bodies explode

Like beasts in rut we’d become,
enthralled with our desire,
throbbing bodies out of our control
until the music had ended.

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