The first encounter  

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11/4/2005 12:43 pm

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The first encounter

The first encounter was quite a few years back. I stood waiting outside the Lansing Community College Library attempting to pick her out of the crowd. I had never seen her pic. I only had a brief discription - 5'4, hispanic, tight-fitting, low-cut jeans, and a white halter top.

Gaizing across the hall, my eyes meet those of another who seemed to be searching for someone as well. I quickly averted my glace, not sure that I had found the right girl. Her body was amazing. Toned, honey-hued complextion, dark raven-like hair and tits larger than one would assume her delicate frame could carry.

Moments passed as we circled the hall, unsure it we had found what we are looking for. Finally, I said,"Hi."

She smile and returned the greeting.

I asked,"Where do you want to do this?" This was her fantasy - very little talking. We didn't even exchange names. She had always wanted to be with a complete stranger and I was the lucky guy to go for the ride.

She led me to the stairs and then to the next floor. We walked down the hall and she pulled me into the women's restroom. Leading me to the last stall she cupped her hand over the bulge growing in my jeans and closed the door behind us.

I quickly removed her top to reveal the most amazing breast I have ever seen, large, round and firm. She undid my pants and began sucking on my rock hard cock, letting it slide between her tits before she would deep throat it again. Women kept coming in and out of the room but we didn't care. She worked my cock until it erupted, catching every last drop in her mouth. She lick my dick clean and rubbed the head on her nipples. She kissed me hard and then it was over.

We collected our things . She checked to make sure the coast was clear. We said our goodbyes and went on our way. I never saw her again, but I was now determined to meet others in similiar fashion.

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