The Restuarant Manager  

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11/7/2005 11:28 am

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The Restuarant Manager

I had been talking to Marie online for a couple month's. She would keep me entertained at work with some amazing cam shows and frequent pics - which I still have on my hard drive. She liked the fact that she could keep me hard all day at work and loved when I sent her pics of the orgasms she produced.

We began talking of when we should week and she suggested that I stop by Nic's Family Eatery, a diner in Lansing, which I believe is now closed. One night I took her up on her invitation. I stopped by around 5PM on a Tuesday. Nervous, I walked in and scanned the place for Marie.
In the corner, I spotted her. Dressed in black pants and a white button-down blouse, I could easily envision the tight, toned body I had viewed through the web cam many times before. She was about 5'2 with auburn hair tinted with blond and a perfectly round ass. She had small, perky tits - tits that complemented the runner's body she possessed. She has said she liked to climb and you could see climbing's definition in her arms. She was a little older than me, but her dedication to fitness made it hard to gage her age with any accuracy. I just know she was hot and I couldn't wait for the live show.

The hostess seated be at a table and handed me a menu, but I never took my eyes off of Marie. Moments passed and soon she was returning my gaze. It only took seconds before that look of recognition had kicked in. Smiling, she made her way to my table.

We talked about all the things people talk about when they met each other for the first time, but the conversation quickly turned to sex. My mind raced with the images of her naked body I had collected over the past couples of months and her eyes told me she was thinking the same way. Her foot gilding up and down my leg as we made plans to meet later for a sexual escaped. While working out the details she finally exclaimed, "Fuck it!"
She got up and took my hand.

Quickly she lead me down a hall, past the kitchen, and to the basement. She pulled a ring of keys from her pocket and unlocked an office door. Once inside she locked the door behind us and said we would have about 15 minutes. We began to kiss we quickly undressed each other. She threw off my shirt and I had her down to a very sexy thong. She undid my fly and pulled out my throbbing cock. Instantly she started working my cock with her mouth.

Within minutes, I returned the favor and licked her clit while she spread her legs wide atop the desk. Thoroughly worked up I sat back on the office chair. Marie straddled my cock and rode me hard. My tongue working her nipples she came quickly and stifled her scream.

Her orgasm sent pure pleasure to my groin and in one motion I stood up - Marie still on my cock - and fucked her furiously with her body wrapped around me. I came hard and we collapsed back into the chair.

We cleaned up and she lead me back upstairs. I left through the back door and I wondered if we would ever meet for more.

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11/7/2005 1:01 pm

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