Deja Vu  

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11/10/2005 11:47 am

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Deja Vu

I sat in my car waiting for Jaime to arrive. We had agreed the Deja Vu off of MLK would make for an exciting experience. It seemed I was the first to arrive. Within minutes the red Grand Am she had described had pulled into the spot next to mine.

I exited my car, made my way around to her car and met her eyes with a smile. She rolled down her window and, with a nervous laugh, introduced herself. A few moments of small talk calmed her nerves, so I invited her to join me inside.

She stepped out of her car and, I saw her entire form for the first time. She was about 5'5 with wavy brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. She was a bit heavier than others I had been with but she had curves in all the right places. Her ample cleavage was displayed seductively under the swoop of her low-cut, v-neck sweater and her short denim skirt made for, as she explained later, easy access.

Our plan was to try out the video booths in the back of the store. We made our way through the turn style and to the booth furthest from the entrance. Once inside, I fed the machine full of dollar bills, starting selection of porn.

Sensing she was still a bit nervous I told Jaime to choose the film. She chose a FMF threesome scene and then joined me on the small bench inside our cramped booth.

Fully aroused, I slid my hand under Jaime's sweater and cupped her left breast while tonguing her neck. I felt her nipple stiffen and responded to her signs to continue. I remover her sweater and released her large tits from the bra that bound them. I sucked on the right while kneading the left nipple between my finger tips. Her breathing became deeper and hinted of a moan.
She led my hand below her skirt and past the fabric of her panties. I fingered her pussy intensely, smoothly sliding through her wetness. One flick of her clit pushed her over the edge and she came hard trapping my fingers momentarily until the sensation had passed.

I arose and stood atop the bench, undoing my pants to release my cock at Jaime's eye level. She licked my balls with her tongue as she stroked my shaft. Her mouth soon replaced her hand, while she played with her own tits.

Not ready to cum. I stepped down from the bench and turned Jamie around. She leaned over and I pulled her skirt over her ass. Sliding her panties to the side, I entered her dripping hole. I pounded her hard as the porn played before us. I felt my balls tense and I shot my load deep inside her. Flush from her own orgasm, Jaime turned and lick me clean until the the video screen turned to black.

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