Ms Div moves to Ohio  

rm_msdivinity 51F
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6/1/2005 1:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ms Div moves to Ohio

I have had several brushes with potentially life changing events. It has made me really sit back and evaluate where my priorities are and where they should be. To that end I am moving 2,500 miles across country as it is my firm belief that children should grow up with both parents whenever possible. My son asked me a very simple question that I was hard put to give an honest answer to. He asked why couldn't I live in Ohio? There is absolutely no reason on god's green earth that I cannot live in Ohio. There is not one single reason that says I have to live in CA. This season of my life is over. I am 40 years old and I have the opportunity to write the rest of my life to suit myself and I want to make sure that the next 30 years or so of journal entries are something that bring me warmth and pride. I have had my time to play and explore, and while that time is by no means over, it will certainly be much less an active part of my life as I allow living to fill in the empty spaces instead of sex. You see as a nurse sometimes I forget to diagnose myself. Someone suggested I write my journals into a telling of an unusual woman. Truth is some of what I read made me blush and I think I can do better for myself than the path I have been traveling. So by this time next week I will be settling into a nice "cozy" 2 bedroom on 2 acres, per my son, who picked out the place. I am looking forward to starting out fresh and have stockpiled enough that I do not have to worry about working for the entire summer. I can't wait to spend the time with him and know that even at the end of summer he is only going to be less than 2 miles away. I can practice nursing anywhere, why not where it would benefit the one person I want more than anything to be a positive influence on?
So msdiv moves to Ohio!!!

naughtyniceity 51M

6/4/2005 6:08 am


so good to see a person making sense in these times of abject parenting, it is sooooo refreshing to see your blog about moving to ohio. Now, having said that, I sure wish I was in Ohio, because baby, you are seriously my kind of woman. Good life to you dear.

TimexMan2007 50M
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6/15/2005 2:04 pm

To my surprise, and I just happened to have called you this morning. I'm in shock but I know you well. You are a wise soul as well as one of the VERY BEST HUMANS I've been the fortunate to come across in life. I'll miss you. You touched me. You're doing the right thing. Give a call if you need to talk or just to check up on you MsD. Raise a model citizen, God knows we need 'em.


PS. I just happened to want to see when you last checked in and Whoaaaa Nelly! Thanks a lot for the warning... did you call ANYONE? Man oh man, you are one for the books. ... and I love books. Keep in touch... I mean it.

slaphappy9 57M
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8/12/2005 11:21 pm

I too moved from CA to nw Ohio 17 years ago. It really changed my life for the better, as I was a little too wild. I like the slow pace back here, and no traffic jams everyday! lol The winter can be gloomy but you do have your son close to warm your heart.
I own a place in Ney, south of Bryan. I have 15 acres with a pond and could never afford this place if it was in Cali. I'd probably be living in an apartment with the upstairs neighbors up all night and the old man across the hall opening the door everytime I left. lol
I welcome you to the nice quiet life this part of our country will bring to you.

rm_Birdman6996 56M
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11/24/2006 5:05 am

I read your post and it has been some time since I had been on this site. I found your comments inspiring and brave and wanted to share those feelings with you. Your courage to take a step to better the lives of those around you. I applude your move to Ohio ... it is a great place as I live in the Cincinnati area. I believe you find the values of those around you to be sincere and honest. Be good and take care. Sincerely, Dan

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