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5/21/2005 5:06 am

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Here in my mind daily climbing the walls
Sometimes here is the smallest prison of all
Images, ideas, lusts and fears
But nothing to show for it all but tears
People look on, but i'm alone in the crowd
In a sea of faces I slowly drown

Here in my mind, afraid and alone
May as well disconnect the phone
Lying awake in a cold bed at night
Where are the people who make things alright?
When was the last time I heard from a friend?
One who didn't have some other ends?

Here in a mind full of figures and facts
Here is a lust for more dangerous acts
The Dark Side overshadows the light
No way back now, try as i might.
Have i gone so far into that place
That never again will inside feel safe?

Here in my mind i continue my dance
Endless another victim to circumstance.
Love given over and love taken away
Always looking for that elusive "one day"
"Nevermind pet, keep your chin up"
Another platitude on the half filled cup.

Here in my mind I have tried to do good
Given respect and time when I could.
Always the wrong person the target, but
Why must they always play so much on my heart?
Maybe it's time I left this game?
Would things carry on in my absence the same?

Here in my mind is a lonely place
Despite all the people who know my face.
Nobody knows what it's like being me
Nobody cares, they look but don't see
I try to explain what it is they have missed
I want to live, not just merely exist

Here in my mind I think deep all the time
Always seeking out what can never be mine.
A friend who's there and will not judge
Someone who will share and not want too much
Can someone just be there and share my joys?
Can someone just see me as more than a toy?

Here in my mind i'm trying not to offend
Many who read this will call themself friend
Nobody held me at the loss of my child.
There was no-one to call when my emotions went wild.
Nobody missed me when I wasn't there
It's hard to remind yourself somebody cares

Here in my mind the lights are slowly going out
I'm losing the energy, too tired to shout
Slowly retreating to that warm dark place
Feeling i'm swapping a mask for a face
Becoming resolved to being alone
No-one can hurt you when your soul turns to stone

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