WOW! what a great weekend  

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11/19/2005 11:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WOW! what a great weekend

Hello everyone. very interesting weekend so here we go.

As you all know, i already had one hookup from someone from AdultFriendFinder. mr adam. turns out, he really liked the write up i did, except i left out some of the details regarding each position and what he did. well, i think that is just too personal so i will continue to leave those out.

Friday, adam was busy, so i decided to give Scott, which by the way is his real name, a call. Scott is 35 and black. Though he wasn't my first black guy, he is surely my biggest. a full 9 inch. I have never been the one to say, size doesn't matter, or bigger is better, but once in a while, it is good to have something that big stuffed in you.

Scott works in baltimore so i had to go meet him. I didn't want to go over to his place, and also didn't feel comfortable having him drive down to my place, so we agreed to meet halfway at Arundel Mills. Our date area was Jilians. I saw him sitting at the bar and he was exactly how he described himself. Now, compared to Adam, Scott knew what he wanted. He must have seen me walk up because Scott jumped off his seat and came at me and gave me a hug and a wet kiss. It wasn't a peck on the cheek, it was a shove the tongue down my throat. It lasted for a full 10 seconds before we both came up for air. Now, the funny thing is, Scott is 6 4, i am 5 3-4ish. you can see how funny the two of us must have looked. Lucky for us, the bar wasn't crowded and no one really paid much attention, except the bartender who just chuckled.

We went to a booth and started talking. We chatted about who we were, and a little bit of ourselves. The entire time, Scott kept on looking down my shirt. I didn't have anything outlandish on, just a nice top that did show some clevage and a pleated skirt that came to mid thigh. What he did surprised me. Oh yeah, we sat on the same side.
Scott reached across and cupped my left tit and squeeze and said, i would love to see how your nipple feels, can you go and remove your bra and panties. Well, the task was a bit easier. i didn't wear any panties but a bra so since it was just a strapless bra, it came off in a sec.
Upon this, scott put his arms around me and just started massaging my boobs. After a sec, my nipples were getting really stiff and hard. I could also see that junior scott was too.

By this time, I was really horny and needed to screw. We quickly paid for the food and i thought i was going to go somewhere. Instead, scott took me to the arcade section and we went to the jurassic park machine. you know, the one with the curtains? well, you can imagine what happened. We both got in, and he sat down, and i sat down on top of him. He lifted my skirt and just like that, inserted himself into me. LIke i said, it has been a while since i had some thick black cock, so it took a long time for me to be comfortable with this monster.
After 10 minutes, he turned me over and i straddled him facing him. This went on for about 10 more minutes. I came about 6 times already.

When the moment of truth came, i didn't want his cum to be coming out, and making my legs sticky so i quickly hopped off, and took him into my throat.
I only can fit about 5-6 inches of it in my mouth but i think he liked it anyway. It wasn't long before it erupted and i did all i could to swallow. I lost the battle. It came out of my mouth and down my face. I was about to wipe it off when Scott stopped me. He wanted it on my face. He quickly dressed and pushed me out of the ride. Stepping out, i saw 4 kids, about 15 standing next to another machine just looking at me. Scott comes behind me, uses his fingers, wipes my mouth and sticks it into my mouth. I just sucked.

We walk by the kids, and he just grabs my boob and says to them, she's a great lay. I was soooooo embarassed, but turned on. We walked around the mall for a few more hours and he did me once in the dressing room at Saks, and once in the bathroom at the Bass Center. The final time at saks, i didn't move quick enough to suck him off and he came in me. If you find a shirt in the men's dressing room by the suit section covered with some sticky stuff, sorry... We had dinner and i left.

Saturday, today, was another story. I will update later... This envolves Chris from College Park. All i can say is, sorry Chris... give me another chance?

Choppppereddie 37M/46F
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11/22/2005 3:16 pm

Wow OMG tell me thats the truth cause thats the HOTest thing i have ever read. Thank You.

suntrel1000 36M

6/26/2006 9:48 am

Hey that was hot i can dig it, I just love to much hear about white women that love thick black cock its the best

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