The Sad Tale of Chris  

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11/20/2005 7:19 pm

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The Sad Tale of Chris

So, where did i leave off? yes, friday night, was a great time of screwing with Blackmonster Scott. The next day, i had to rest from my exercise so decided to do some work, and catch up on emails that i have been ignoring. Along came Chris. He happened to email me while i was on, and wrote a nice intro, not as nice as Adams, but different than the typical: me like you, you nice bod, i have dick, me fuck you messages... which, doesn't really tell me anything about you. Granted, you included a nice pic of your prick, but it does nothing for me.

So, i am reading this email from Chris, and find out he is a senior at UMCP. Lives off campus where i use to live and is studying almost the same stuff. I decided to have a chat with him so we chatted for a few minutes, (45 the most i think) until he had to go. I felt daring so i asked for his number and said i would call if i wasn't doing anything that night.

So, come 6, i give Chris a call. He sounded nice and wasn't too much of a punk. We decided to meet on Route 1 and take it from there. My favorite meeting place when i was a undergraduate was Tien Ren Tea House. So guess where i ended up? thats right! i love bubble tea.

So, we chatted for a while until they kicked us out and we just walked around campus. We walked to the reflection pool and sat by the trees talking. I leaned over and kissed him. I just had to. he wasn't making a move and i just... well, felt like it.

So we were making out all hot and heavy and all of a sudden BOOOM! some dumbass security guard is standing next to us with a flashlight demanding to know what we were doing. What the fuck you think smartass!!! we quickly got ourselves together and ran away. I think he led me to his place on purpose because that is where we ended up.

His roommates weren't home so we just jumped on the sofa. We made out and i had his pants off right away. We kissed me down my body and started eating me out. He went for about 5 minutes and turned him over and gave him head. When i saw he was ready, i mounted him. that is when the problem started. i couldn't feel a thing. Now, Chris isn't small, maybe 6-7 but he was not as thick as Scott. It wasn't doing anything for me ad i felt bad, cause i knew he felt bad. So, i did the best thing a girl can do at the moment. I gave him my ass. It must have been his first anal cause he was loving it. It didn't take long for him to get off. He just leaned back panting. I did something that i normally wouldn't do. I went back down on him. Yes,.. i did ATM... it wasn't as nasty as i thought. wow, he got hard in a jiffy. we finished the night with him cumming in my mouth. Chris, you are a trooper... sorry... when it gets back to a normal size... you will have a crack at it...

DC512770 43M

11/22/2005 3:27 pm

We should all be so lucky to have such a sad tale!

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