The Race Thing  

rm_mrbigd6 52M
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12/13/2005 5:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Race Thing

It's interesting that as open-minded as this site would appear on the surface, visitors tend to be closed-minded in one way--race. There is very little indication that women are ready and open-minded enough to cross the racial chasm. This is especially true for white and Hispanic women (Lainas). Yeah, there are a few pics of white women with black cocks in thier mouths, but that's primarily all about sensationalism. A few exhibitionists will post anything to get attention! But the everyday white woman really wants a white prince. That's no indictment, just the way it is, as Cronkite used to say.

This reality is pretty disappointing, especially regarding the Latinas, who won't even wink back at a brother. I wonder if it is a cultural thang or personal prejudice. Certainly, Latinas are not looking down on brothers. Nah, that couldn't possibly be. Then again, it could. Concerning the white women, well, I am not totally surprised, but am hurt by it.

In Texas, where racial attitudes run deep, we have a long way to go when even the most liberal of people won't cross the racial divide. Well, there is such a thing as Juneteenth in this state, so I ought to know better, huh!

My offering to the sisters of other races who are holding out for their own, even though they profess open-mindedness: don't be scared; it's only skin color--passion runs deeper than that.

allforfun5262 54M/56F

12/13/2005 6:16 am

We too have been somewhat taken back by the amount of profiles stating caucasion only, hispanic only, etc...etc...etc...

I can understand having a preference.

A preference for: intellect
D/D free
same kinks
even penis size

But a preference for color? Isn't color on the outside and not on the inside? Should you judge a man by the color of his skin?

If a caucasion man, black man, and hispanic man all cut their finger, would they not ALL bleed red?

Some say it's not the color of their skin, but their demeanor. Are there not morons in every race?

I can only speak for myself and my situation...My husband and I are WHITE and have recently had the opportunity to be with black men from AdultFriendFinder. At no time did we ever judge them by the color of their skin. We did however judge them on:
RESPECT, both in & out of the bedroom
PRIDE, in themselves & their appearance

Maybe I'm suffering from REVERSE RACISM. I find myself looking at black men differently. If the men we have been with are indicative of their race, then I need to post BLACK MEN ONLY on our profile.

Anthonyblue 63M

12/13/2005 7:13 am

I will fuck any woman of any colour, race, or creed. I would marry a woman of any race colour or creed. That is my choice, that is the way I am. A person who has a problem with skin colour, is not my type of person, but you have to accept that their are such people out there.
You should not let it upset you too much because, when all is said and done, you are better off without them. You as a person are obviously more tollerant and welcoming than they are, and that makes you a better human being than them.

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