Regarding race, we all make choices  

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12/13/2005 8:33 pm

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Regarding race, we all make choices

I appreciate the feedback on my post regarding race and the choices people make to choose partners of thier race, only. All were enlightening in that the respondents all report being inclusive in their choices. That's probably true on some level, but it doesn't just happen that you are with someone outside your own race in an intimate way. You have to make a deliberate choice.

I like the idea of mate selecting based on getting to know the other's "soul." Very deep. But being with white guys only because they are the only ones that "put themselves in my path" is pretty lame and shallow. Sorry, but that's how it is. How about accepting some responsibility for putting yourself in their path! Most likely, men of all races occassionally cross your path. Whether you choose to see or acknowledge them is another story. Here's the thing: your radar is has very narrow settings; you only see the obvious. Perhaps, if you change your range and level of visual acuity, you might begin to pick up on the others. They aren't necessarily operating in stealth mode, either.

I choose to seek out women of color because I find them sexy. Black women are more familiar, of course, but hey, I love a dark chocolate woman! I choose to seek out Latinas because they are exotic in my opinion. That's a matter of intention for me. Whether they respond (usually not) is besides the point, but I do make a choice of looking for them because I realize they won't look for me.

I love the idea of being in touch with another's soul. That is so sexy. So far, it is a dream as it pertains to action on this site. But hope lives on!

RockURWorld269 44F

12/26/2005 3:50 am

You sound like someone I would like to meet and get to know, although, you do live far. Not many people out there anymore that care about someone's soul, let alone being in touch with another's soul. That really reached out to me and touched me.
I have changed my preferences from when I first came to this site, so my profile is not up right now. I am looking for someone special, not necessarily here, but could happen. I mostly just read the advice lines and some stories.
Email me if you would like. Take care and talk soon.

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