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Well it's Sunday and I never updated my blog yesterday. You know what that means. Good weekend. Friday....well Friday turned into a good night with me listening to the band at North Turn and then ending up at Aqua. Total craziness ensued after that when I met these girls on vacation from Missouri. Lots of vodka in a hotel room until 4:00 in the morning. I also found out why Missouri is called the show me state. I was in pain needless to say Saturday. Saturday I cleaned my house, drank tons of water and swore to myself to never drink vodka again. Also had a bbq outside because it was so nice. Saturday night made a a brief stop at Ale House and then went and met someone I have been messaging on here. Cool girl. Got home late again. So all around a good weekend. Still haven't found the perfect girl, but hey I'm at least trying. Now for some other stuff. Yesterday was a great day in sports and a sad day. First off Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth's home run record in baseball. Of course we know steroids helped him (maybe), but still a great achievement. Second I watched the Preakness in hopes that Barbaro could follow up his win at the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately Barbaro broke his leg and the Triple Crown drought extends to 28 years. It sucked because you never want to see someone injured in sports let alone a animal. Well in boxing I guess you don't mind injuries. Started a new book, some new paintings, and doing some new ad campaigns for some companies. Basically I will be busy this week. Going out today to Deland to look at antiques and basically chill. No more partying until next weekend that's for sure. Hell I haven't stopped drinking water for 2 days and should really consider buying stock in Advil.

p.s. Richard Hatch the first winner on the show Survivor was sentenced to 51 months in prison for tax evasion. Ouch. Can you imagine the taunting in jail? Not good. Guaranteed he won't be the last survivor standing in there. Alright enough of that. I'm sure the IRS is listening.

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