mysterious and dangerous  

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4/28/2006 5:36 am
mysterious and dangerous

Well out to the Ale House last night and let me tell you it was slim pickings. After listening to some guy at the bar talk to me about his failing fishing shop in Jupiter things picked up around 11:30. A total of probably 10 single women were in the bar, yet none of them really were attractive to me. Left and went to Redtails. Live band last night so it was
partying a little bit. Hooked up with these 3 girls from the local college. Still quite boring though. Ended up calling one of my booty call girls to meet me. That was quite boring as well. Now I realize why I only call her every now and then. I need a new hook up bad. I have decided this blog will now cover my escapades in Daytona and I will give you insight into what I'm doing and who I'm with. I'll update later today with my plans for Friday night.

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