Sunday again.  

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5/7/2006 11:25 am
Sunday again.

Hit the town again last night after being a good boy Friday. Started a little late, but it was well worth it. Stock Exchange was dead when I went there with not that many women that were single or good looking. Basically not good. Took off went to my old
standby Mai Tai's. Now I knew it was going to be a late night because Mai Tai's was packed. Plus who likes to pay for parking? Stay past midnight and it is free in the parking garage. Met 2 women that were there for some fun and we ended up talking most of the night. Both nurses over at Halifax. We had a couple of drinks and ended up at the beach with both of them a little crazy to say the least. All I have to say is the water was cold last night, I lost one of my socks, and I never knew that the nurses at Halifax were such close friends. They should be commended everyday for a job well done. Resting today and doing some ads for a company and developing some photographs I took for a magazine.

Listening to:
Tarnation soundtrack
Catherine Wheel-Black Metallic
R.E.M.-Night Swimming (for obvious reasons)

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