truly sexy  

rm_mortie4u 57M
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6/7/2006 8:36 pm
truly sexy

Its amazing all of the photos that are available on this site. My friends and I were trying to find the hottest ones and of course we didn't agree on all of the choices. We tried to narrow down what we liked about a woman and what turned us on. WE started with the most obvious features, breasts, butts, legs, pussy's, eyes (yes guys look at eyes ladies), faces, and the overall when available. we tried to decide the nipples that were the most erotic, inverted, light areole, dark areole, big nipple, small nipple, and came to the conclusion that we like them all. Big surprize there right ladies . This is how it went for all the choices, after much review we decided that there is something in all of these women that was remarkable if you just took the time to look. One other thing, we also thank you ladies with being so generous with your photos, they gave us much to ponder.

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