You gotta love hot weather!  

rm_mortie4u 57M
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6/8/2006 3:52 pm
You gotta love hot weather!

There is nothing better than hot weather in a college town. Half dressed women scattered across the parks trying to tan every possible inch of skin. Call me a dog if you want ladies, but I AM going to look if you are dressed in this fashion.
It even makes the grocery store a fun place to be. Halter topped and bra-less women in the frozen food aisle, again ladies call me a pig, but I'm going to look. In my mind hard nipples are one of the most sexual things to a man.
If you are going to wear super skin tight spandex. I mean so tight I can tell if you have a quarter in your pocket and if its heads or tails..............
Ladies I'm going to look, but always remember ladies it is always with appreciation....and a smile

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