U.S. Passports will have tracking chip after dec 2005 and personal stuff  

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11/1/2005 6:58 pm

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U.S. Passports will have tracking chip after dec 2005 and personal stuff

Get them while they are tranmitter free. The u.s. Government is cracking down on terrorists by putting RIFD? in all their civilian passports. From everything that i have read this will allow kidnappers to locate and know which americans are present in a foriegn hotels, know the extent of your travels, and track you by orbiting satelites.. You will be required to provide a passport to get back into the country from canada and mexico(not previously required). It would be nice to cross the border and not have to worry about the government being able to track you. So the deal is don't buy one from the L.A. passport place. it will cost anywhere from $100 to $170 or dollars. Get them while they are bug free.
Also the government of ga is working to strengthen the most restrictive democratic voting/ election process in the civilized world by limiting the number of valid proofs of identity from 13or 16 down to 6 i think. these are pretty much government forms of i.d. such as driver's license, passport, ect. they are not wanting to take stuff such as work i.d. and proof of residencey. All of this legislative work after one of ga's government investigative groups found not at all or negligent abuse of the present system. This voting is such a farse in ga. For the past couple of years because the ga government has moved from democrat to republican controls they both have complained about the unfairness of the voting districts, jerrymandering and such. so at the beginging of the session they plot and draw and redraw and fuss and WASTE TIME on the voting lines. it messes up the voters as well because they get confused about which district they are in and where to vote. it is crazy. thanks for hanging in there...

So yesterday i fixed one of my friend's bicycle, a rare john deer model. yes john deer is well known for their tractors. We had two of them on the dairy farm that i grew up on in n.e. ga.
Bikes offer such a delightful way to see the country side.. i am currently in athens and plan to make it to toccoa on thursday.. does anyone want to ride to toccoa?? not sure how you could get back...

I had a fairly interesting day today. I did some day labor to get some spending money, splitting firewood with a hadraulic splitter.
This past week has really been awesome. Costumes for all, athens was alive this weekend with the undead. throat wounds and lots of blood were standard. pirates were definitely the costume of choice. i saw so many Capt Jack Sparrow costumes to drive a pirate maddd... arrrggghhhh..... There are actually other pirates in the world other than Johny Depp though i really do enjoy a good pirate film even if it is by disney.... yuck....

Even though i do not wholely enjoy my time spent on the computer i have found it to be very benificial in helping to gather info about a city or other area on the internet. i guess that this only applies to places that are actually online which a lot are not... i was reminded yesterday that the ultimate and unattainable goal of the internet idea was to adventually have everything posted on there somewhere. i know that this will never happen... fortunately there will be information that will not be found on the majic box... the only way to find it out is by accident, fate, or talking to the right people... face to face interaction.. the first network..

thanksgiving will find me visiting family this year. for the past couple of years travel restrictions have left me closer to n.w. ga than n.e. ga and so i have enjoyed turkey dinners of other cooks. my parents are divorced similar to most of my friends parents.
My dad and i get along well and my mom is not understanding my life right now, though i still love her. So hartwell is the next biggest cluster of buildings closest to where my dad lives. I would love hang out with some new Hart faces..

It appears that the blog comment page is a way of communicating for the standard AdultFriendFinder member. i would be interested in chatting, just need to know the location.

So keep it real and get off the computer...

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