Rant on bogus profiles  

rm_morganz1 47M
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3/4/2006 9:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rant on bogus profiles

My e-mail has been flooded with junkmail asking me to join other sites. Not even in clever ways: "love to meet you, but check out my pics here; www.blah", or saw your ad at some site and think you're hot but I'd like you to join this site to be sure you're serious"......marketing genius.

For newcomers, here's what I've learned to be careful of:
1)profiles with too many numers in the name (hot657464536julie)
2)Pictures that look too professional
3)Incomplete profile; too many "prefer not to say"
4)this is one of my favorites; pic of a beautiful slim woman who lists herself as ample
5)pic of a ample woman who lists slim LOL
6)standard members; let's face it, anyone serious about meeting will fork over a little something to improve the odds
7)anyone asking for an e-mail address in the profile
series of pics that don't match
9)empty network
10) unbelievable story- recently saw a profile where she claimed to be having to list on AdultFriendFinder because she was being blackmailed by her step-son and his girlfriend who also "had" her regularly

Sometimes it's just too much! Happy searching!

walkinatmidnight 55M

3/4/2006 2:58 pm

Good list Morganz1, this drives me crazy. Tough enough to recognize, contact, impress and meet an actual person without having to sort through the fakes. We pay for this ?! WTF?! I get a cheap laff now and then by writing goofy emails to the most egregious fakes--"bi-curious wombat in search of same" or "as you can see by my profile pic, I am a full-figured black woman". Oh well. Do you think there ARE any wombats on here?

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