What am I missing?  

rm_morefutility 37F
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5/16/2005 7:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What am I missing?

I certainly had a long and arduous weekend. I hope everyone else fared better than I. My recent difficulties arising from my membership here can only be seen as a testimony to the widespread popularity of the site. Myself, I had no idea that it even existed three months ago. When I decided to open my own account I had not anticipated the fact that so many people in my area were already members. I feel like I am always the last person to make these sorts of discoveries. I should have a suggestion box outside of my home where people could update me on things I should know about, but do not. Technological advances elude me, fashion trends escape me, and I am feeling left out and confused. Perhaps I should do as my mom once said, and “get my nose out of a book” once and a while. My newspaper reading is sporadic at best, and satellite T.V. keeps me up to date on the latest car chase in Long Beach (I live far from any beach long or short), but everyday s**t seems out of reach these days. I need a hobby, a job, or something to do! Ah, but I should watch what I wish for, as I could end up working with people who constantly try to ply me with Avon mags, or copies of The Watch Tower. The kind of saving I need is not the kind that they offer! On a lighter note, good ole dad planted my flowers for me this weekend and they are lovely.

TakesTeatsStood 50M
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5/17/2005 1:24 pm

Did you catch the plane crash that didn't happen this morning? All the major news stations carried it - watching a plane from the Bahama's land in Florida with an apparent landing gear malfunction, and it was all for naught, not crah, no explosion, not people leaping from the burning cockpit. A bif letdown for CNN and Fox News for sure, but they'd never admit it

Might I suggest people watching at the mall? It can be very inspiring, as in 'wow, my life is better than I thought!!'

Keep hanging in there, I did a search for men in my area yesterday - just to see how many guys I was 'competing' with and was very dissapointed to realize that there are just too many frikkin men around these parts - lol.

rm_morefutility 37F
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5/20/2005 2:04 pm

Love mall watching, and depending on the mall, it can be a bit like Springer. About the term martinet, I am a History major, so its par for the course and all. Thanks for the great comments and suggestions. Also, I love readng both of your blogs.

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