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rm_mona199018 26F
39 posts
6/4/2008 10:58 pm

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2/19/2009 5:43 am


Please tell me if you would fuck me and how you would do it.

CuntCaptain1 62M

4/12/2009 3:36 pm

I would first undress you very slowly, kissing you as I go. When you are naked and standing in front of me,I will place you on the bed. I will start licking and nibbling at your ears. Slowly moving down your neck and shoulders. Next would be the side of your breasts only leaving the breast for later. I will kiss in between your breasts down to the top of your pussy the move to your legs and feet. I want to experience your body before I mount you. I want your passion to peak at my insertion in to your glorious hot pussy. Moving ever so slowly till you beg for me to ram my cock all the way home. Maybe I would be lucky enough to touch your hot cervix and let flow with some hot potent sperm.

rm_doggoner2 64M

9/22/2008 4:54 pm

I like to drag you to the edge of the bed and spread you out and cock tease u by rubbing my dick on top your clit till your arroused and then slowly enter you just dipping into u slowly in an out shallowly,giving u just a couple inches at a time to warm u up for several mins then as u get impatient just thrust into u deeply and withdraw realy slow many times till u releasewith excitement then do it again till ur flowing with hot wet juices,then hoping your put your sweet lips around me and give me a piece of candi in return doggoner2

justforfun1026 35M

9/18/2008 1:17 am

Of course I would. I'd start out very nice and slow, Teasing and caressing every inch of your beautiful body, using my mouth and fingers to make you cum before i even slide my cock into you. Then I'd slide into you, letting you feel every inch of me sliding into you before i start really fucking you. The more you moan and scream the harder i would fuck you, and just let the passion and drive take us from there.

rm_drammm22 31M

9/4/2008 8:36 pm

Firstly I'd gently rub your thighs while kissing your neck. Then I'd start slowly kissing my way down your back, before turning you around and lying you down. I'd then spread your legs and gently kiss your pussy while flicking your clit with my tongue every now and then.
I'd start flicking your clit more and more gradually until your are close to climax, and then gently suck it to give you multiple orgasms.
I'd then kiss my way up your stomach and run my tongue over your nipples before gently biting them, and continue biting my way back up to your neck.
When I reach your neck, I'll insert my cock into your pussy and start slowly thrusting. As I thrust faster, I'll switch us into the teddy bear position, to stimulate your g-spot. My thrusting will get faster and faster, rubbing your G until you cum.
I'd then roll you over onto your hands & knees and enter you from behind, pumping hard and fast until You cum and again with me. When we're done, and you're recovering, I'll bend down and kiss your back while still inside you, until you can move again.

rm_wildman20060 55M
5 posts
8/27/2008 1:05 pm

O yes I would cuddle , caress , foreplay to get u fully excited for a nice long sexual orgasm. I love to please a lady how ever she likes to be pleased

hdfanz 38M/40F
1 post
8/2/2008 2:41 am

absolutely!! let us know if you want to meet

house44444 43M

7/30/2008 8:19 pm

bent over the couch while camming for everyone

rm_frmrsailor1 36M

7/30/2008 11:22 am

would i do you, um FUCK YEAH!!! how: any way you like it

rm_tcdei2 46M
2 posts
6/6/2008 10:04 am

The answer to your question is a resounding Hell Ya! It would start with a hot oil message, to get you hot and wet, than I would turn on the video camera; followed by a long, patient round of me eating out your wet pussy making your buck and scream, than I would work my mouth up to your beautiful tits and suck on ythose nipples until they where rock hard and you were begging me to fuck you, and I would respond by slowly at first, but work my way up to pounding my cock in your pussy until we both explode. After a little break I would roll your over and beginning some ass play, first one finger and than two working my way up to inserting my cock deep in your ass, and fucking you while you begged for more, and than I would pull out roll you over and shot my load into your face while you eagerly lick up all the cum. ya know something like that!>>! hope you like!

damn_cool_guy 51M

6/6/2008 5:39 am

i've really been into the standing up against the wall fuck lately and would definately fuck you that way first. feeling you wrap a leg around me as a grab your ass and drive my cock deep inside you...doggie style is always a must too!

NappyPathsElope 39M

6/5/2008 10:13 pm

would I fuck you? Yes it would start on here cam to cam we'd watch each other. You'd see me get hard for you and I'd watch you get wet for me. Then I'd come into the other room where you are. I'd run my hands slowly down your body, stopping to get your nipples hard quickly then I'd follow with my mouth, sucking your nipples into my mouth. I'd move my tongue down between your legs and lap at your clit while my fingers found there way inside of you. I'd rn my fingers in and out till you cam on them then would roll over so you could fuck me. I would rub your tits and use my hands to help you fuck me hard till we both came all over each other...

rm_MRFAB2001 53M
3 posts
6/5/2008 10:08 pm

If we were friends, my cock would be in you ALL the time hotty!!!

reddog813 50M

6/5/2008 8:05 pm

I would suck and lick every inch of your bod, til you beg me to slip my big cock in your dripping hole and pound it the way it deserves to be pounded, and if ya wanna know more email me and i will tell ya? There is much more but I need some response from u?

horny196364 52M

6/5/2008 6:02 am

you look beautiful baby

rm_mona199018 26F
4 posts
6/5/2008 12:19 am

I don't have messenger

ttaps 32M
4 posts
6/4/2008 11:30 pm

mmm babe first of all i would love to kiss your body all over would spent much attention at your tits .... would u like me to continue? lol u got mesegner?Xxx

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