cute / romantic things to do with a date or a couple  

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10/18/2005 9:16 pm

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cute / romantic things to do with a date or a couple

It seems that I must do something correct

I get e-mails and people posting to the advice section on my questions. Most of the e-mails are pointing out romance or cute ideas that I do.

Just so everyone knows, I most likely learned them, I not sure that I ever invented them, it just comes from the back of the head and poof there is the idea. I take no credit for anything here.

So here are a few of the things that might be considered cute or romantic that I have done.

Love to learn more if possible, so please post some.

1) after a blood test, send the results with flowers and cut condoms. ( done this and posted this idea already )

2) if you are visiting a couple that you are friendly with, bring a set of 800 thread count sheets and pillow cases. why? great for snuggling afterwards. ( done this )

3) dating a person from another country? go out and buy fruit's from that person country. Nothing better than being shown a new way to play with fruit's. ( done this )

4) Roses are fun, they also have thorns. use Thick leather gloves to remove the thorns, then lay them out on the interior of the house with a simple sign on the door saying follow the roses. This way she can pick up the roses without pricking herself. All roses lead to .... next part

5) Homes/condo fun .... everything should revolve around the bathtub, the bedroom, and the kitchen. if your heading towards the bathroom, float rose petals in the bath with a light foam. if you are heading towards the bedroom, candle light with a box a chocolates or some silk laying around. (done this )

6) Kitchen is special to me, it's the place where one shares food and conversation at an intense level. Always have Champagne with flute's or decent stemware, something sweet ( chocolate ) or an amazingly-sweet-dripping with icing cake, Vodka or whisky, Brandy to make manhattans or Cosmopolitans: coffee, Side note : YOU ALL NEED learn how to make rich coffee, it's not that hard, $29 cappuccino maker and you can produce the meanest - tastiest - coffee ever. Please don't forget to foam the milk, it's those little touches that we all remember. ( if you need to learn, I'll post instruction ), feed your partner.

7) Never fear the picnic basket, I have one in my trunk of my car. I've stopped in the middle of great dates and pulled into an orange field just to sit back and munch on bread and wine.

if you are dating a vegetarian, find out how extreme they are. Places like Wild Oats has tons of stuff, you can find everything that vegetarians like at that place. go out shopping together for picnic preplanning. ( done this )

9) she's a reader, find her favorite author and get an autographed copy of the book she likes ( amazon has them sometimes in the used book sections ) done this

10) take massage lessons, so that you can do it properly without killing your partners neck ( done this )

11) never give a dog or a cat as a gift, you'll always want them back since you really like it in the first place. ( yes I'm guilty of this )

12) get a friend to help you, place yourself in a large box ( in underwear, with breathing holes ), with a big ribbon. Pain, but well worth the surprise. ( done this )

13) get a sampler pack of oils, it's a lot of fun and all have different taste. perfect gift for couples ( done this )

14) if your partner has a hobby or likes a specific thing, find out on line if there is a fair for it. here in Florida there are ton's of them. it's just silly fun ( done this )

15) if she works retail, call her boss and get the OK to show up and take her out to lunch with extended hours, Don't forget to bring roses (done this )

16) grab your partner, put on flip flops or sandals and walk in the rain. ( done this )

17) try to both learn a song together or with a couple, then get drunk on Karaoke night and sing it ( done this )

1 try to get on the radio station she likes and have a song played for her ( did this once, I've paid for it ever since )

19) forget to put on underwear, it's funny when they find out ( yep did that a whole bunch of times ), then your partner WILL turn the tables on you! so imaging walking around with a hard-on at some bar, or taking her to play pool at the same bar. ( have done that )

20) write a letter to her ( no not type one, write one ) ( done this )

well that's about the basics, love to hear some of the cute / romantic tips that other are willing to share.


i_fuck_dirty 33F

1/21/2006 2:38 pm

where have you been all my life. i love all of these ideas. i am such a romantic. let me see what i can add....

21- have a hard time saying "i love you?" write down ever reason you love your partner on a separate piece of paper (i love your eyes, i love the way your nose scrunches when you laugh, etc) and include one that says something along the lines "and most of all i love you" blah blah. in fortune cookie like fashion, place then all in a cute box and give as a gift. it demands some creativity, but definately worth the creative trouble.

22- send her flowers at work for no reason at all! never underestimate the power of flowers!

23- if you go over to a girl's place and do what ever you do (does not have to be sex) leave a short note telling her what a great time you had somewhere not too conspicuous that its obvious that you are leaving it there, but someplace you know she will eventually run into before she goes to sleep (inside the fridge, a drawer, under her pillow)

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