Turning a bad sexual situation into a positive situation  

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10/18/2005 6:10 am

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Turning a bad sexual situation into a positive situation

Well, I was with a woman a few night back that requested that I remove my condom, I basically said " not without a HIV test ". This lead to an argument ....

Afterwards, I went to place this information on the advice section and got some good advice.

Well, I called back Chris and we started speaking. It turns out that Chris is allergic to latex. she felt that since we know each other for 2 years, that I, would not have an issue sleeping without protection. I learned from her that she had rarely requested any man to remove there condom unless she knew them for a long time and were "clean". I asked about "clean", and she said that she applied the same rules as I did.

Well this lead into a long conversation about sex, health, my reaction and her reaction ( I must have said my request in such a way that it came across awful ). She basically explained that since we had spoke openly about sex in the past, and both had some rules, she expected me to know, that she had done her test, prior to her requesting the condom off.

I now have another date coming up with Chris. We also have a date to a sex shop in Miami. Since we both have to wait for each others blood test, we figured we seek out and find some non-latex type condoms and if I'm lucky, explore some newer aspects of our understandings.

well I'll say this much. If you don't ask, you wont know. Men and women are completely different. And most importantly... Women still baffle me completely. one day I'll figure them out.


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