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She walked into the hotel reception.Her heels sinking into the carpet and with just a whisper of nylon as her stocking clad legs brushed together under the smart blue 2 piece she was wearing. I turned back to my paper whilst leaning on the reception desk so was in earshot when she said to the receptionist "My husband booked a room for me in the name of Carter?" "Certainly " the receptionist replied. "Room 102.All paid and heres your key" "Thanks " came the reply and off she walked, mounting the stairs to get to her room. Ifolded the paper and after a couple of minutes followed. Her door was shut as i approached it. Ipulled a mask out of my pocket and after putting it on i drew out a large plastic knife (well i didn't want to hurt her did i?)Knocking on the door i called out "room service" I tensed as the door started to open then pushing it open i put my hand over her mouth whilst waving the knife around and said "quiet.Not a word or else" Her eyes were like saucers as she nodded numbly. I kicked the door closed and spun her round to face the wall. Taking a blindfold out i covered her eyes then thankfully took off my mask. "Don't hurt me don't hurt me" she moaned."Nobody is going to get hurt. Just do as i say "She nodded weakly. Iled her to the bed and laying her down on her back lightly tied her hands to either side of the bed.The bonds were not tight at all just restraining. "So long as you keep quiet then i shan't have to gag you will i ?" She nodded again. "So now where is the money?" I asked ."What money?" she replied "i think you have got the wrong person". "Well we'll see about that" i said sitting on the bed and undoing the buttons of her jacket. "What are you doing ?" she whispered. "Ssshhhh " i replied as i went to work on her blouse buttons exposing a fine pair encased in a filmy white lacy bra. Reaching underneath her i unhooked it and released her breasts. They were glorious. Full.firm and with pert nipples which were allready stiffening with fear? anticipation?.Running my hands down her sides i unclipped her skirt and slid it out from beneath her. She lay there slightly squirming under my gaze. "Now where's the money/" i asked again. "I dont know what you are talking about but please don't hurt me " she replied. "Oh i would never do that " i said as i drank in th sight of her.The silk clad legs with the white of her skin at the top, then the matching briefs below the suspender belt. Ibent over her and slowly kissed and licked the side of her neck. "Oh my god " she whispered as i continued to explore her neck and shoulders with kisses. licks and nibbles.I worked my way lower and slowly licked my way all around those breasts before lightly taking one of those stiffened teats in my mouth. She was now murmering to herself " Oh my god " over and over again.Again i asked about the money and getting the same response i worked my way lower. Over the edge of the rib cage and onto that flat stomach.Kissing ,nibbling and licking all the way. She squirmed against her bonds which was doing wonders for me. Standing up i quickly stripped off then eased my way back onto the bed and started to stroke those nylon cased legs. She tried to cross them but a bit of gentle pressure soon remedied that. I rolled between them and continued to caress her lower belly then hooking a finger into the waistband gradually drew the briefs down.After a bit of manouvering they slipped over her feet. "No . Please . No " she cried but after reminding her about the gag she quietened down as i ran my tongue across the top of her thighs. I delved further and all the while i was stroking her legs,breasts in fact everywhere i could.I slowly nibbled and licked my way around the join of her leg,from hip bone to buttock, feeling the heat of her building all the while.I nuzzled into her cleft, the warm sweetness enveloped me .She was very wet.My tongue was now working overtime as i sought and found her clitoris. She was now squirming against the bonds in earnest now and whimpering to herself as i teased her clit till it stood on its own.I continued to divide my attention between her fleshy orifice and her button whilst caressing her all the while untill with a gasp and a shudder she came. Whilst still in her quivering throes i eased my way up the bed and positioned my by now rampant self at her entrance. Slowly and gloriously i slid into her. She was tight but well lubed up and soon i was in to the hilt. She gasped and quivered again as she came again.Islowly started the withdrawal and then the glorious penetration sequence.She was still calling for her god as i quickened my pace. Some soft thrusts, some hard, some round and round untill i felt that familiar stirring and suddenly with a rush i came,jettisoning my load deep inside her as she came again.We stayed in that position for a while then i rolled off.
"what about the money>" I asked. "What money" she replied again.I unfastened her wrists and moving swiftly flipped her over onto her belly. Once again fastening her wrists i lifted her body and slid a couple of pillows under her dtomach. This raised thar pert butt high in the air for my attention. After spending the next quarter of an hour just licking, nibbling and stroking i crossed to the bathroom and took out a jar from the cabinet. Getting back onto the bed i positioned myself behind her."what are you doing?" she whimpered. "Quiet " i replied. I opened the jar and spread a liberal coating of lubricant over my jutting penis and positioned the tip at the small puckered butt hole."No please no " she whimpered but i just stayed there, not moving just creating a slight bit of pressure. Not enough to go in but just enough to hold the position. Reaching around and under her i began to lightly flick and tease her love button which with the forbidden threat from the rear was subconsciously making her wetter than before. After about 5 mins of this she started moaning again and moving that magnificent ass . Only slightly but enough. I leant forward a bit,not enough to penetrate but just to increase the pressure. She moaned harder and started to push back as i leant back with her thus keeping the same distance.I then leant forward again, just a bit and she pushed back again. By this time my cock was at full length and that familiar tingling in my balls was back. The tip pushed forward and the little rosebud parted,just a bit, no more than a quarter of an inch pushed in. I kept this up for a couple of minutes just keeping the same distance then leant a bit further untill about half an inch of my cock was penetrating her. Now she was trying to push back further but i kept her at the same distance my hand increasing the tempo between her thighs.After another couple of mins ileant a bit further forward and now about 1 inch was sliding in and out but still frustrating her by not letting her push back too far. So it went on just leaning forward slightly a bit at a time and keeping the lube topped up i very slowly eased my 7 ins into her ass. By now she was continuously moaning and using her inner muscles to literally pull me into her tight ass. I upped the tempo more and she came again, her ass muscles squeezing so tight that i exploded deep inside her and collapsed across her. After a few minutes i whispered in her ear "wheres the money?" "its in my bag" she replied. After slowly getting dressed i removed the familiar brown envelope from her handbag and untied the hand restraints but left the blindfold on. I crossed to the door and opening it said " Many thanks and hope to see you again sometime" "Probably next month" she replied and "thank you". "thank you " i answered ."All part of the service" Yes working for this firm Fantasies Are Us certainly had its benefits.If you fancy participating in this fantasy contact moitogoi.
Fantasy two.
It was a blustery day on the coast but a great time for walking along the seafront and taking in the air. I'd come to Hastings for the day and after visiting the Adult Pleasure shop and purchasing a few items had come to the beach just to enjoy the view.I strolled along the promenade and spotted a lone person leaning on the railing and just staring out to sea. She was rather nattily dressed but somehow seemed a bit forlorn and lonely. "Afternoon " i said as i strolled past. " Oh hi" She replied as i continued along to a bench and sitting down started to enjoy the view. In fact i'd started imagining the woman having no clothes on (thats the problem when you think of sex 24/7 ) and trying my new purchases out on her. She walked past me and smiled as i looked at her which made my stiffy lurch a bit so waiting for her to get a bit ahead i started to follow her.Passing my parked car i grabbed my attache case which apart from containing a few work related items also had my new purchases.She walked for a while with me a bit of a way behind her just admiring the view of her nicely rounded hips and the swell of her buttocks swaying from side to side.It was quite a warm day and walking with a raging hard on was not the easiest of things to do so i was glad when she turned into a gate of a rather pleasant house and started to walk up the path.I stopped and was just about to walk away in search of another when she appeared to stumble and fell to her knees. I ran across,up the path and kneeling down asked "are you allright? can i help?" She shook her head as if trying to come to her senses and mumbled " i just came over all dizzy and lost my balance".I helped her to her feet and said "is this where you live?" "Yes " she replied "but i'll be fine now. I just went dizzy." She went to carry on up the path but wobbled on her feet immediately so i supported her and together we walked to the door. She fumbled in her handbag and producing a bunch of keys tried inserting various keys into the lock. "Here let me " i said and taking the keys off her soon found the right one and unlocked the door. "Thank you " she said.As she stepped over the threshold she wobbled again and i stepped into the house and supported her again. "Its ok, I'm a doctor " i said thinking fast." "The light is making me feel woozy "she replied. " Ok then you need to lay down in a darkened room for a while but heres something that may help for now" i said whilst taking a black silk scarf out of my pocket. (Be prepared is my motto).I rolled the scarf into a long section and placed it across her eyes and tied it firmly (not tight )." That might help a bit " i said and thinking that then she wouldn't see me either. "Wheres your bedroom?" i asked. "Upstairs and first on the right "she replied so taking her arm i led her up to the room. It was quite spacious and standing her by the side of the bed i crossed the room and closed the curtains. Going back to her i noticed she was perspiring a bit so told her to undress and lie on the bed where it would be a bit cooler.She seemed a bit hesitant but i again assured her i was a doctor and she then stripped off down to her skimpy knickers and lay down on the bed. "I'll just give you a check out whilst i'm here " isaid and told her to turn over and lay on her front. Running my hands over that magnificent body i checked all her limbs and told her that she appeared to be fine.I told her that i would take her temperature but she said that the way she was feeling it would make her gag so i started to peel her knickers off. "What are you doing ?" She cried. "Well i'll have to take your temperature another way " I replied and taking a new butt plug liberally doused it with lube. " I've never had anything there " she said squirming on the bed, "Well theres allways a first time for everything and we'll have to stop you squirming around for a while whilst i do it" I said. Opening my case i took another 2 silk scarves out and tied them to her wrists then to the corners of the bed. "There thats better" I quickly stripped off and climbing onto the bed sat across her lower legs. "My doctors never done that "she said. "Thats because i'm a more friendly doctor" i replied. I took the lubed butt plug and slowly teased her little rosebud. Her ass quivered as i slipped just the tip of it in. " OOooh " she cried as i slowly fed just about an inch of it in her. I then just held it there and let her get used to the feeling. Although it was her first time she must have had some cravings because i noticed her pussy was starting to glisten with escaping juice. I kept it there for about a couple of minutes and then started to slowly rotate it. She started to lightly gasp as i slowly pushed the first inch in and out and kept the rotation motion up.After a couple more minutes i eased a bit more in and kept that up as her puckered ass hole slowly relaxed and allowed me to ease some more in her. "Oh my god " she murmered as more was fed into her. It was only a 4inch plug so soon she had expanded and relaxed enough untill it was fully embedded in her. She was still squirming about as i took another 2 silk scarves out my case an started to lightly flick and stroke her."Whats your name?" i asked. "Sara " she replied. "Thats nice and how do feel now?" She replied that she still felt a bit wierd so i popped downstairs and searched her cupboards. Finding some thing suitable i went back to her bedroom . "What are you going to do now?"Sara queried. "I'm gonna give you some of my special medicine and we'll see how you get on with that" I responded.Leaving the butt plug in i knelt on the bed beside her head and liberally smeared some of the contents of the jar over my jutting cock and gently nudged at her mouth with it."Whats that? " she cried. " "Its a medicine flavoured lollipop which has to be taken slowly and the more of it you can take the better you'll feel" I said. She slowly parted her lips and i slowly fed my penis between those glistening lips. "MMMmm my favourite" she mumbled in between slurps.I slowly worked my cock in and out keeping a good coating of the jars content on it as she slurped and licked it off.It was no good, i was going to come. "This last bit has to get right onto your tonsils for the best effect " i gasped and she dutifully complied taking as much as she could into her mouth. It was too much and i came, shooting my juice right at the back of her throat. She swallowed and swallowed as i slipped out of her mouth then licking her lips declared she was feeling a bit better allready.I untied her hands and turning her over revealed her glorious front. Retying her hands i picked up the silk scarves and began to lightly caress and tease her. Round and round those beautiful breasts and lightly dusting at her blood engorged nipples. Over her stomach, inner thigh and back to her nipples. Around her neck,down her arms and so on and so on i continued."Oh god that feels marvellous but how is my temperature "she asked. With one hand continuing the stroking i used the other to slowly ease the plug out of her butt."Seems normal" I said. By now she was writhing around on the bed and her breath was coming in short gasps. "I think you'd better check again "she gasped, so giving it another liberal coating of lube i inserted it into her now eagerly awaiting butt.Keeping the slow caressing of her body with the scarf going with one hand i slowly rotated and worked the butt plug in and out. "Oh jesus" she gasped as i stroked at her mound and finding her clit began to stroke it.With the rotating butt plug, the effect of the scarves and the teasing of her clit she came. Bucking her hips and clenching her thighs she gasped and shuddered before collapsing back onto the bed."That feels much better "she said."It seems your problem could be internal" i said "so i'll have to check you out" Reaching over to my case i removed a new 8" vibrator and turned it on low. "Whats that "asked Sara. " Its my Interior health checker " i replied and lightly ran it over her jutting nipples. She squirmed on athe bed and said it felt quite nice so i carried on and ran it round and round her breasts, lightly flicking it over her nipples ,then moved to her lower stomach. It softly buzzed at the top of her mound and then ran down the inside or her thighs, Back up and onto those breasts then back down,teasing and making her gasp. I slowly inched my way nearer and nearer her cleft.She was very moist and i ran the vibrator up and down it. She was now calling for her god more often and writhing more urgently. I slowly parted her swollen sex lips and lightly buzzed over her love button . She stiffened in anticipation but i ran it back down her thighs then back to her nipples before moving back down. Teasing her clit i slowly eased the tip inside her before removing it and teasing her all over again. Her hips were slowly thrusting as i knelt between them. I slowly rotated the butt plug and buzzed the vibro over her button again.She started to buck more urgently now so i eased the vibro slowly in and out. She was now taking about 4" inside her and wanting more but i held back. "Please ,please" She gasped. "I don't think the thermometer is workink properly" I said. "I'll have to use the other one". "Yes yes" She cried,the feelings running amok in her body. I quickly lubed up my now throbbing penis and slowly slipped it in her to the hilt. The feeling of sliding into her nearly put me over the edge but after a couple of thrusts i withdrew and eased the throbbing vibro into her. I then turned it up a bit more. By now she was taking about 6"of it and i worked it in and out of her (teasing her clit on the outstrokes). I lubed myself up again and slowly removed the butt plug. Balancing her ass on my thighs i positioned the head of my cock at her awaiting butt hole. Slowly and deliciously i eased the tip in.Her inner muscles alternately gripping and releasing as she accustomed herself to the girth.Keeping the lube topped up and the vibro buzzing in and out i slowly eased my way in. God she was tight. The feelings were undescribable. When i was fully in i just held it there as she got accustomed to it but the feelings she was getting from the vibro and the feeling of me in her ass were starting to overtake her.She was bow thrusting her hips more violently so i turned the vibro to full and started working it in and out of her .She bucked her hips more violently and the feeling of me sliding in and out her ass was too much. She came with a loud cry. Her whole body shook and her limbs twitched spasmodically as she convulsed on the bed. Her inner butt muscles gripping me so tight that i came as well. Shooting my lot deep into her. She was still writhing around as the vibro continued to run its course so i slowly eased it out and shut it off.After a couple of minutes we both got our breath back and i asked her how she was feeling."Much better now" she said. "Good". I replied," now you will have to have this on a regular basis to keep up the treatment so if its ok with you i'll make an appointment to see you next week." Yes please "she said. So dressing i then packed the stuff away and untied her wrists. "Perhaps we could vary the treatment and try it in different places in future as well"I said. "Oh of course " she replied.Leaving the silk blindfold on her as a memento i called out "see you next week" as i left. Will have to keep up the doc routine i thought although it was hardly my fault. What kind of parents (Mr and Mrs Octor) call their son David???.

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Oh my god! i am so wet after reading that fantasy, i would love you to do that to me! - call me xx

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