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as a youth i got to understand humanity whilst growing up in galway this was improved through my experiences of the english,welsh and scots cultures.
the time i have spent in the different cultures around the globe has further educated me to believe in human nature...."live and let live".
all cultures have that common denominator and to really understand it you have to spend time within it.
it is one thing reading all the literature about the different cultures, its another believing them as those books are written by individuals whose thoughts and visions can differ from that of the people they are writing about.
IE: doing an exercise in theory is quite different to doing it in practice.
all writers have there own agenda just like the spindoctors of today who put their own twist on things.
to criticize a culture based on theory in books or on the internet is tantamount to having ones head up ones arse. "who are we to believe everything thats written in the scriptures"
it is widely known that paper will not refuse ink and a computor will only spew out what has been fed in.
getting in amongest the people and to see them for real gives a person no illusions about them or hate them... you will understand them.
the world would be a dambed boring place if we were all the same. im glad im irish and i will make no excuses for that.
ill eat, drink and be merry and ill cellebrate our national days including the orange day 12th july and st.georges day, st.davids day and st. andrews day because they are all important to me.

my view of what being irish is, may differ from other irish people. the fact that i have traveled so widely across the globe gives me a broader perspective than those who have not. but that said, their views are as important as mine as is any view that is constructive rather than sarcastic or demeaning.
i can laugh at myself or my irishness!! i love father ted,tommy tiernan, ardal o'hanlon,frank carson,dave allen and many more but they are irish and we poke fun at ourselves. we dont need people in ivory towers doing it for us. when they have an understanding of us irish in real terms, then they may attempt it, but then that would make them humourists or satirists.

i love to hear people proclaim "free speach" but while that is good, those who use it should be consious to accept counter argument or to allow others articulate their objections to ridicule.

just today i read the blog by MofunNOWWOW "wanna get lucky" and i was taken aback by it. that joke was doing the rounds back in the 1970's when bigotry was rife and to see it resurected on st. patricks day 2006 was not in good taste, irrespective of ones ignorance of the issues. that is not an excuse.

ireland has moved on from there and although there is that 1%-2% who still want to keep the bigotry churning on. bigots are not accepted here any more!!!
ithim,ollam,choel agus craic (i eat,drink,sing and have fun)is the order of the day and all are welcome.
here i give a preview to what has affected my life as an irishman:

i will never forget the day in 1970 when i stood at the top of the oldpark road in belfast across the road from the park cinema, looking over the brickyard to flax street and the ardoyne (a catholic area) an elderly man stopped beside me and loked in the same direction and said to me "i was a B'Special policeman (reserve) for 50 yrs and we knew how to handle those bastards" had the government kept the army out for another 24 hrs we would have wiped the bastards out" he did not know me nor i him but all i could do was pity him for his lack of humanity.

i remember the protestant families, who lived all their lives in catholic areas, driven out by bigots and their homes burnt (it was the same the other way round) i pitied them also for their lack of humanity.

i stood and watched an army unit search homes and trash the contents inside in their search for arms. i pitied them for not being humanists. but then again they could have been humourists as it seemed to be fun to some of them.

wheather it be words or deeds, it all hurts and the people of our island have had their share of hurt in one way or another, some more than others, nontheless hurt.
my hope is that when people deal with cultures:

be a human - have humanity - be a humanist

eireann go bra - ireland for ever

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3/23/2006 6:53 pm

mockeen, have to tell you my dear friend, it brought tears to my eyes.. thank you xoxo gata

Peace xxx K

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3/24/2006 5:39 am

mockeen.. sorry my very good and sweet friend.. but TAG YOU'RE IT!!!! read my blog (i guess this is the proper protocol.. we'll have to ask emerald, he is the expert at this) lmao xoxo gata

Peace xxx K

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3/24/2006 8:32 am

mockeen, this posting, points out why we need to vigilant. Even if some accuse us of having no sense of humour or of being too serious, we need to say no we will not take this continued stereotype.

I remember uncles living in the london in the sixties, where they had signs saying no blacks, no irish and no dogs. That is only a generation back and cannot be allowed to happen again.

The people here who say its only humour, are the ones who would not stand up and say real prejudice is wrong, they pander to the masses and wish to cause upset whilst throwing up a smokescreen called humour.

great post, tnx for this.

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