Does it happen?  

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12/30/2005 9:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does it happen?

Hey all! I'm sure a lot of you guys wonder if anyone actually meets someone from here and just hops into bed. Is this just another porn site? Are we all wasting our time? Maybe we're just here so we can talk dirty to each other and dance around butt naked on a web cam. If anyone has made contact, that's physical, please let me know. Thanks for the feedback

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12/31/2005 12:10 am

Hiya I think your question is one on many blokes lips,

Does it happen, well just in real life
for the girls it can but for us blokes is actually very rare,

I was trying to work out why,

a) Because the ratio of men to women is so high ( someone said 100/1 which I can believe ) there's too much choice, or, I know they get hundreds of emails and many aren't very thoughtful ( being kind ) so I think the ladies can easily be put off, and leave or turn off their profiles.

b) only 5% of attraction is actually whats said and the rest is body language and how its said.

Plus its very difficult to trust someone when all you see is photo and what they write, if i chat with someone on MSN, I always put on my cam to prove I'm real, honest and me, ( nothing sexy just my smiling face ) I hope for the same in return but still it rarely happens.

c) to much emphasis is put on meeting and getting it "on" I often ask for a meet for a coffee or lunch, just to break the ice first, and so we can check each other out to see if we really do fancy one another
( but still not been taken up on the offer )

and with so many other blokes ( many of whom I'd say weren't very good ambassadors for "MALES", again being kind) it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd, to be taken seriously and not be tainted with the same brush.

I have made a friend with a lady ( who likes the ladies only unfortunately for me ), we chat and moan together as she has lots of difficulty too.

I have actually recommended her to another friend ( again not interested in blokes ) a regular on the site and the response was
"I will thank you but not right now "........

I just don't understand lol

Good luck! Hope its better than mine.

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