Who really has the advantage?  

rm_mmmightygood 56F
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5/24/2005 7:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who really has the advantage?

I've been told I don't need to purchase a membership here since the women are so few that men will find them easily enough. Maybe so, but once you start dating things get complicated. Lot's of these guys (I'm talking about unmarried men here) say they might want a long term relationship but does that mean that they are looking for something exclusive while you are dating them or not? I've been fine so far just dating, then I come across one that wants an instant monogamous relationship. What am I supposed to do? Tell the others they are on hold for a while? Will they wait while I figure it out? Is this one worth putting the others off? Why haven't the others stepped up to the plate? It's making me nuts. Ideally, yes, I want someone who is attentive, affectionate, considerate, and we have mutually GREAT SEX - and alot of it! If I found someone like that I wouldn't need to keep looking and exclusive wouldn't be a problem. Here's the catch - a man who can offer that to a woman can offer it to many women, since there are so many more women than men. So why should men want an exlcusive relationship?

469me747 54M

5/26/2005 10:29 am

Well........You have to believe in your gut instinct! You have one whether you know it or not. The knot in your stomach, or throat. The heart that does not stop beating. The best thing to do is be honest. If telling others that you may have found someone that you would like to see further, turns them off....too bad. Be honest and you will find what you are looking for. Honesty is much better than the alternative.

Good Luck Rick

caretaker 52M

6/28/2005 9:22 pm

MMM I really like your profile, and love your talent, check me out and let me know if you would like to chatt

rm_hrider56 60M

7/3/2005 7:25 am

Honesty is the best policity

rm_zman045 60M
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7/13/2005 1:42 pm

i agree with your assessment of relationships, but keep in mind...i have met more women who claim they want a one on one type but they are so easy; it makes one wonder

sexypoohbear4u 64M
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7/14/2005 9:30 am

zman I agree with you. I have found that to be true also. However, it goes even further than that. One day they shatter your world with sorry I have feelings for someone else,I'm doing what I feel is best for both of us. This happened to me 9 weeks ago this weekend. We were both married and had been friends for a long time. One day she surprised me when she showed up at the place where I worked and said guess who gets to work with you now. That was 2 years ago and from that time until 9 weeks ago was the best mind-blowing sex I had experienced in over 30 years. she wanted an all out exclusive relationship even cutting off her husband. Anyway I would like to see what other woman who are out there have to say about this. I'm now looking for someone to rock my world again....Bridges of Madison County ring a bell....

zendotta1 57M

8/11/2005 12:11 pm

There is a natural checks and balances system built into AdultFriendFinder. It works like this; women can get standard memberships and get all the attention and stimulation they can handle. Guys will write to them, whether they have a pic or not, just to get some activity started. Most women, can keep busy on this sight just fielding their e-mails, whereas men need to actively pursue. It's the whole hunters and gatherers thing. What keeps most men from "servicing" multiple women, as per your example, is the cynicism that permeates the female aspect of the site. Most I have written are "not sure" never show up, or completely lead you on for their personal gratification. Note, not all women and men here fit this profile, but it is the predominant natural law of the site. Life's a frickin crapshoot, and if you're on this site, male or female, you have to let it roll and see what number comes up. Hope I haven't bored anyone too much, have a nice day!

rm_SexiBlueyes3 60M

9/18/2005 3:09 am

The hot sex and lots of it is what I need are you up for it. Not looking for an exclusive.

imyourdildo 58M
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10/5/2005 8:41 pm

Hey mmm, like to do more than wink. Coffee?

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