Secret's to Finding a Nice Man Pt 2  

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8/12/2005 8:15 pm

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Secret's to Finding a Nice Man Pt 2

Please read part 1 before reading part 2.

The Nice Man.

Just like a good woman is self aware and knows her worth� umm the same can be said for the nice man. Now keep the points mentioned earlier in mind� (about the pickup scene) This man � chances are he knows this to. So why would he continue after being shot down, like the another player? Why would his ego allow it considering he know�s his self worth? (This last one I have heard as the excuse as to why women do not pick up men� you know who you are�giggles)! In the end he knows that it is not his loss. No, chances are he will sit and wait, till the smart one comes along and approaches him. And if not the right one, chances are he will be very polite and you have just made a new friends� who knows� he may have other nice friends� I keep thinking to what my grandma used to say to me and my cousins� �You keep doing what your doing shuga, don�t worry, a good woman will come and snatch ya, up and take good care of ya�. Something I have heard many women say. Think about that statement!

Also� you know why idiots are always approaching you and other women � even when they got shot down on a continual basis� because they have NOTHING to loose� they are used to it�they do it all the time� hint hint nudge nudge, poke in the eye

Your Profile:

Now if you are looking for a nice man to fill your life with joy. You are not going to find him. Please stop and think of the personality profile of the good man. He is happy with himself, and makes himself happy. I think he would want the same in his woman. He would want a woman who is already happy not one that is waiting for him to do it for her. They are also very intuitive, which is probably why you like them. So be sure you got your crap straight. He will figure it out and run! If not try to fix it before he does... Nice men do NOT like drama. Please think of the profile you are looking for and realize what you are asking for.

His profile:

Well, this can be vary depending on women, however many qualities come back. Maturity, honesty, self-confidence, sweet, respect, and knows how to treat a woman. Because of his self confidence, he will not feel the need to control you. He will not be the jealous type either, again due to self confidence and knowledge that if something happened, he would have a choice on how to act on it, and your cheating has nothing to do with him. Because of his maturity and honesty you can always talk to him, he will always listen, and be empathetic. His intuitiveness will help him provide you with what you need when you least expect it. His respect for you will allow him to generally treat you the way you deserve, cause he listens, remembers and applies.. Now why would he not want the same in return? (if you are jealous by nature� don�t expect to last long with someone who isn�t!!!!)

Don�t Scare him away!

A nice man does not = a man willing to put up with your shit! All good guys have had at least one bad relationship or have felt used up (usually with the one that used to tell them how happy they made them). Due to experience, maturity and once again, a level of self worth, they will not permit themselves to go through this again. If you do find someone willing to put up with all your shit, for the love of %%% treat em right at least! He may wake up one day and be like� WTF!??? Actually a man, who deals with it and takes it usually has not realized his full worth of self, otherwise he would not stick around. So then again, maybe it is a perfect match!

One reasons they prefer women who are truly happy with themselves. You know how hard it is to try and make someone happy who is not! PLEASE TRUST ME when I say it is IMPOSSIBLE! These people often need counseling or some sort of help, to find their true happiness. Also the relationship is very lopsided� since your both thinking about your happiness. No a mate should be there to add to your happiness. Nice men do not want to be needed, actually I know a couple who run at the word� they want to be appreciated and loved.

Check yourself:

Check yourself before you wreck yourselves. In the past year I have met many people both men and women. In many conversations I have brought up this issue. It is sad to see that the majority still see the idea of going to speak to a professional as bad, taboo, means your crazy ect� I am not saying EVERY ONE needs counseling, however, I do feel everyone should do it at least once in their lives. When your back is killing you as a good friend I can give you a massage however if it gets worse � you should go see a back specialist as I am not trained in this field. The same principles applies, when you are having personal issues you need to clear. Remember these men are usually very intuitive. They will see eventually that either, you are not truly happy with yourself, you still have issues regarding your ex, you have a low self esteem, ect� If you do not believe in counseling that is your prerogative, however, myself, I do not think, I could be in a serious relationship with someone who didn�t. A good lasting relationship is HARD work� people change and grow in different directions, there are times where counseling may be needed to keep your relationship alive, however if only one partner believes and is willing to do it� well it won�t work! I know I am not the only guy who feels this way.

Life is just not fair:

OK� now you have gone through all this, and you finally met them. DO NOT TRY AND FORCE IT! LMAO� I know it sucks, however, if it is not meant to be� it is not meant to be. Some people will try to grab the first one they meet, cause heck� it is so hard to find, however, sometimes this person, may not be ready, interested in someone else, does not see you this way, or it just does not click! So stick to friendship in these cases and stay nice n sweet, cause it is possible that this person may have some cool friends. Usually people keep likeminded company!� USUALLY!

Now you got em:

It is so so so funny to hear ALL these women say, what they would do when they finally met the man of their dreams, and watch them slowly drive him away� My best suggestion is to watch and learn. LISTEN to you male friends, the ones you know are sweet, and what kind of things they look for. When you do meet him, listen, look and learn. Find out about his past relationships� LEARN FROM OTHER PEOPLES MISTAKES. For some of you stop thinking you KNOW what he wants and listen to what he wants. How many of you have asked a man what they wanted as a gift and gone out and got him something different, cause what he asked for was, not what he needed, stupid, or whatever�.Just like a good, woman, easy to please, however constant work to maintain. As it should be! If your relationship is easy� something is wrong and chances are it is you� be it male or female.

I could go on, however, I think I have seriously covered the basics. The bottom line is good men are not stupid. Which is why they are good men. I have always maintained that our personalities GENERALLY attract certain types of people. If you only meet assholes, then you should re evaluate why they are attracted to you. You may have to make some changes�
From personal experience (my best, relationship was with a woman that picked me up) and that of my friends, my overall conclusion is � nice men don�t pick up women, they wait for the right one to come along and snatch them up, like their grandma told them would happen (in general). So ladies, to answer the original question of how to find a nice man� whether through networking, or at a club� chances are to get your guy� you will have to go and GET HIM. You may be waiting a LONG time for him to come along. However I could be wrong as there is an exception to everything� so feel free to keep waiting.

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8/12/2005 11:06 pm

Met a wonderful man here. Gave him a first gift. A Matchbox Car from a McD's Happy Meal. It put the biggest smile on his face! And yes he is past 35. He gave me a webcam

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8/13/2005 4:11 am

it is the little things in life that we cherish.
It is amazing how much these things can go a LOOOONG way with a nice guy.

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