Introspection of a man gone NUTS!!!  

WardsSiegeValse 40M
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11/14/2005 11:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Introspection of a man gone NUTS!!!

Taking a walk today and started thinking... yeah that happens everyonce in a while...

I do believe in the self actualization theory. A place in personal development that some try to reach, however very few actually have, such as MLK, and Ghandi...
Oh yeah sure many of us can often do things without thought of reward or “what is in it for me”. however think about the reverse. What about, i am not doing this anymore because of a specific negative reaction. A common and normal cry from those we call "nice guy" and "good girl".
I know for myself there are things I will not do anymore due to my lack of faith in the "group". A good example is of course my whole reasoning behind not trying to pick up at clubs (if you dont know, a discussion for another time...). However it dawned on me thinking of the afore mention heroes, that regardless of the reaction you should act according to your conscious (be it that of a religious or personal nature). However that can be dangerous as well, cause people we in general have dubbed as evil have obviously done the same. Where do you draw the line?
For adolph hitler to be convincing, he HAD to believe in his own ... righteousness. He is a hero for some people. Because of the beliefs of the majority, he and his followers are seen as evil. Yet as with everyone perception is reality, and therefore they see the rest of us as misguided, evil or just plain ignorant... which is in turn how we view them due to our own perception of reality.

Yes I know reality should be defined by facts, however facts are still interpreted, by our experiences in life and how we view things... our perception. Frame of reference has a lot to do with it as well. That being said, what differentiates Adolf from Ghandi…our sense of morality and value towards human life… or our sense of self preservation at all costs.

In the end, what all this made me realize is that (yes I am NUTS… giggles) seriously… the next step in growth and security in oneself, would be action totally undetermined by the opinion and reactions of others. This must still be tempered with a moral value of live. Either way maturity and self confidence is a life long process, we all have our demons and fear, as that is what makes us human. Some of us just tend to hid it better .
So if you those who sit there thinking I am totally secure, and/or mature and there is no need for improvement… as we say in the hood, BEST CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YA WRECK YOURSELF!

dave2me 46
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11/14/2005 11:39 pm

nice one man, made me think a little and i guess that was what you were trying to achive.

rm_lickmepretty 51F
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11/18/2005 9:22 pm

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