Definition of Beauty Pt 1  

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7/26/2005 11:39 pm

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Definition of Beauty Pt 1

I also know, that most healthy red-blooded heterosexual men, ... love women. However, it is more than love but not quite n obsession. Surrounded by women Also, you do not abuse or disrespect the things you love. Any woman that crosses your path should always be treated with class. (growing up, raised by women… learned that one pretty quick!)

The feeling behind beauty. Beauty starts with a double take or a stare, (with me usually a very long stare, giggles). Then comes that feeling.. where my mouth will either start to water or becomes dry, my brain seems phase into another dimension, heart starts to palpitate, I get goose bumps all over my body, slightly, my stomach feels queasy, my head feels light... Either inspired to great poetic statements or you am at complete loss for comprehensible speech.
Now that is Beauty!

What do I love? I love women who are just TASTY. Seriously, i mean, when your lips touch their skin you just do not want to stop. The right woman can give you ecstasy simply by being kissed by you. Have you ever kissed someone somewhere other than the lips, and had shivers run up your spine, your eyes start to roll back in your head and you cant help but inhale as much sent as possible during that brief or long kiss. I cant describe it really as a taste or even a feeling maybe more of an impression. The touch of their soft skin, from the tiny little ridges in the forehead, down to the soft cushion squeeze of the pinky toe. The easy curve at the nape of your neck, the smooth piece of skin behind your knee. Soft, malleable, and yielding lips, to the sweet sweet curve of a nicely shaped butt (you may have noticed I am black... giggles). Oh wow the feel of running your hands on a the surface of smooth and silky stomach. Beautiful intelligent eyes... (MY BIGGEST TRAP) are windows to the soul. That great inviting smile, that keeps you saying jokes. The high pitch laugh to the husky seduction. The feel of nice supple calves as I gently squeeze, to every contour and muscle outlined in your back. Thighs oh sweet sweet thighs covered or hairless, it is all good to me. Hair, I usually favour, curly brown hair... however... long hair is just great, to grab in a moment of passion or to stroke in a moment of tenderness.
I just simply love everything about a beautiful woman’s body, even the ...little imperfections that make us all different. Seriously there is nothing more rewarding than the touch, n feel of a beautiful body. One backed by intelligence, confidence, wit, modesty and an outlandish sense of humour. Just like some women really find a funny guy attractive, the funnier and crazy the beauty, the more priceless it is....
You know another reason I have always said I prefer intelligent beautiful women... if they pick you either for permanence or temporary, the fact is, that this intelligent woman picked YOU is a reflection on you. As most women go beyond looks... well the intelligent one anyways... giggle. convienient eh?

wandashavinfun 46F

7/27/2005 2:05 am

You brought a smile to my heart with that one. Thank you.

jennie60 56F

8/12/2005 1:13 am

what a nice man you sound, love your short statements about men too, must take some on board !

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