who licks better  

rm_mktme 42F
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12/24/2005 6:43 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

who licks better

this is a hard because I have had men that didn't no what they were doing and guys that is a big turn off for a women... and on the other hand I have had women that well lets say this to be nice...you need to stop playing if your going to eat pussy eat it like you like your done. on the real. so it is on the table you tell me what you guys thing.

KraZeeWun 36M

12/24/2005 9:45 am

This really is not a hard one. Guys and girls alike eat pussy just as well as each other, depending on the individuals of course. For females, they know their own anatomy and readily are familiar with the delicate spots, sensitive areas that heed those carnal manipulations and instinctively do upon others as they would want done upon them. Also, I believe, in my own opinion, that the texture of a female's tongue is softer than that of a male's. Thus, creating a more sensual arousement for the beneficiary. Now, for us guys, the old adage remains the same,'Practice Makes Perfect'. For myself, I love eating pussy. Therefore, I dive right on in any chance I can. A good foreplay of oral sex before any other activity of sex is always best. To know I've pleasured a good pussy before intercourse not only pleases me, but heightens any arousal expectation for you and your partner for the duration of your sexcapades. Guys, just a hint, it's not all about getting your dick wet. Sex works both ways, you pleasure each other. If you expect to be pleasured, be sure to pleasure her just the same, if not better. And, if you've gotten your practice and have learned your way around the female genitalia, there are so many tricks and techniques to giving that pussy multiple orgasms in a short matter of time and throughout the session. So, who eats pussy better, to get back on the subject. You could take a female and lay her across a table and one at a time, allow a male and female to take turns sampling her supple juices and she can judge and verify from those two, who gave her face better, but it still depends on the individual's experience in and around how they lap at that pussy. I give a growl out to everyone. I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

rm_superar20 37M
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12/24/2005 10:28 am


cesuryenidunya 34M

12/25/2005 4:54 am

i agree the fact that experience plays an important role.. also guidance is important cos the person who gets licked knows more about how they feel.. ppl shouldnt be too shy to talk when they get intimate..
on my technique, i never had a girl who wouldnt cum after i get down between my chick's legs..
take care all, and dont forget to drop a dew lines on my blog as well.. hugs&kisses

Luvwetcunt1000 48M
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12/28/2005 10:43 pm

Well MK, my first wisit to your blog. My honest answer to your question: I think nobody's better. It just depends on the experience of the individual, how sensitive is the giver, and how responsive is the receiver.

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