Pursuing the Zodiac?  

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4/24/2006 9:49 pm
Pursuing the Zodiac?

Ok - so a while ago my best friend and I were talking and he has started joking me about sleeping my way through the zodiac. I hadn't thought about it up until then, but now he seems to be right. LOL And I can't help but think that maybe I need to finish out all the signs. Maybe that is my "task" and that I will actually find someone after thoroughly sampling all the signs????

Let's see...

I'm actually surprised that I haven't really met any Aries that were more than just friends. They are known to be the egotistical sluts of the zodiac.. So you would think, statistically speaking, that I would have come across one. They aren't the easiest relationship match for Cancers since they are total opposites in characteristics... but they are supposed to make great lovers...

Taurus: JV, MW

Every test/quiz/reading I have done says that I should find me a Taurus. Well I have had 2 and if one of them wasn't 25 and not interested in anything more than our monthly or bi-weekly visits he would have been a good match. Strong character, caring, passionate, he cooks and was amazing in bed. Creative, adventurous, daring, an all around considerate lover!! And if the other one wasn't married....

Gemini: EB, RM, JB, PS
I am always drawn to the chatty twins, and they usually tend to find me. It is rare that I find someone that talks as much, if not more, than I do. And I am a sucker for a good conversation. So I always love to hang out with these. Of course I have read that Gemini’s would rather talk about sex more than actually have it. And for at least 3 of these that is exactly true.

Cancer: SR, SS
Doubling up on the moody moon children isn't such a good thing - relationship wise. No fun when everyone sulks together... HOWEVER the sex can be amazing when you are so in tune with another just like you!

Leo: MK
Me, Me, Me is the cry of the Leo.. At least it was with this one. Center of attention and a show off. Always felt left behind.

Virgo: BL
Behind the Taurus, Virgo is tops! The intellectual (and somewhat anal) of the signs, this one still was the most passionate and top of my list as far as lovers go. We can talk about everything and not be together for a year and still hang out like old friends when we see each other. If it weren’t for a 300 mile difference... they may have been more

Had a good friend at work that was a Libra.. other than that - not to sure about these yet....

Scorpio: MW, JM, BC
One of these would turn out to become one of my best friends. I like the scorpions, but they seem to always be wary of me. Some signs just make better friends.

Sagittarius: J, AL
Sagittarius is a masculine sign, however both of the ones I have encountered have leaned way to the feminine side when it somes to sex and sexual relationships. With one I had amazing sex and then HE felt guilty about there not being any emotions involved, but we have remained friends. The other was very similar - good sex, and then wanted to build a relationship (which isn't a bad thing) but that means no sex til he figures the rest out.

Capricorn: TG
Knew him for a week and he tells me he loves me in the middle of sex. Talked about moving in together also. And they say I move fast!!! Sex wise he was very attentive though.

Aquarius: MW, L, M
These are often drawn to me, but I have found that their loner personalities really do not suit my needs. They tend to need to much alone time (I like mine too - but not all the time) and don't like it that I am very into them. It makes them back off more.

Pisces: BC
Psychic connections. My one true deep love - so much so that I had formed a somewhat psychic connection to him. I knew when he was going to call, when he needed me, and could read his every mood... It was almost scary - we were so in synch. They say to be careful when you combine two water signs - you may drown in the emotional torrent that can occur. I don't know if I can put myself thru that kind of a connection again. I loved it - but it hurt WAY to bad at the end.

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