*Naked Twister*  

rm_mitch1975 41M
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8/2/2006 8:57 am

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8/23/2006 5:03 am

*Naked Twister*

Another "first" - naked twister for all you flexible people ONLINE

Would love to have been a red circle. Guess I can only dream x

genrus4u2 40M
185 posts
8/3/2006 2:32 pm

hmm, first time i tried to post here i got kicked out so 2nd attempt...

lol Was that taken at your birthday party? Lucky sod! Feet on green looks good to me

ann_in_leather 44F  
176 posts
8/4/2006 2:22 am

First time ive played naked twister "ONLINE" before, LOL

I hope i dont fall on the spinny thingy, LOL

freewhisper69 45M

8/4/2006 8:58 am

the girl at the back's cheating... her hands seems to have settled on her friend's bum instead. You think maybe she has her own ideas how this game ought to be played?

genrus4u2 40M
185 posts
8/4/2006 11:54 am

whisper, you think we should kick her off for cheating? nah, me neither

ann, what exactly do you mean? i've never heard it called that before If you did fall onto one, im sure the gent in question would help you up again - and down again and up again and down again

pleae don't ask me to explain how its spinny though, cos i can't

freewhisper69 45M

8/7/2006 6:37 am

that girl at back's just like me... can't remember the rules in a room full of girls with their backsides poking up in the air...

i think we should peel off the spots and stick them one on each pad of the girls' bums...

genrus4u2 40M
185 posts
8/9/2006 2:36 pm

lol good idea what we going to use stick them on with?

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