Winnipeg Part II  

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12/24/2005 6:34 pm

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Winnipeg Part II

On my second night in Winnipeg, my friends J&D took me out to a local club to be sure I got well and thoroughly f*cked. I had been anticipating this particular event for some weeks and had been planning for it. We stopped by early to book our rooms for the night and then made our way to meet with Joe, a guy I had met on another system. He had never done any multiple partner play and was eager to try his hand at it.

His hand worked very nicely. I get ahead of myself.

After the four of us had had dinner, we made our way to the club. The men donned towels while D and I put on our lingerie (me in a pink negligee and D in a stunning black lace dress).

Then J&D took Joe and me for the tour.

The club was amazing in itself and catered to every possible taste. The main floor had rooms upon rooms for people to stay in. J&D had booked one for themselves. My room that they had requested for me was in the basement.

The basement was dimly lit and the hallways were maze like, adding a masquerade air to the atmosphere. We passed several closed doors, including mine, "D". We looked in on the common room with its couches, king sized bed and donut table. D leaned over and whispered to me that while activity in the private rooms was private--activity in the public rooms was considered open invitation.

I smiled at her words, knowing that I could certainly enjoy that element!

We passed by the dark cell like rooms, the work out area, the swing and the stocks, and the massage table before arriving at a room filled with two person pew-like seats and with a television playing porn at the front.

We stayed there for a while, J&D in their own seat, Joe and I in another. Sitting on the lap of this man I had met only two hours before, while he fondled my breasts and we watched a woman get fucked set the tone for the rest of the evening.

I knew I was going to truly get well and thoroughly f*cked.

A few moments later, J&D went back upstairs. Instead of following, Joe and I explored and ended up at the massage table. I lay back on it while Joe played with me. Just as I was getting truly into it, I opened my eyes to see two men watching us. I looked at Joe as he continued to try his hand and had the first orgasm of that truly memorable night.

More to cum later.

Happy holidays one and all!

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