The Weekend to End  

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3/18/2006 6:07 pm

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The Weekend to End

Last weekend I signed up to join in the Edmonton chapter of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. This event takes place August 11-12, 2006 and requires two commitments:

1. That I walk 60 kilometres over two days (35 km on Saturday and 25 km on Sunday).
2. That I raise $2,000 Cdn in breast cancer research funds.

I am excited at getting stronger and healthier as I train over the next six months. My health has been one aspect of my well-being that has long been neglected. This commitment will go a long way to helping me make reality my resolutions for 2006.

I am also humbled at having $290 in donations in just three days. People are so generous with their time and their money. I appreciate the support I am receiving.

Why did I decide to do the walk?

I have twin nieces, daughters of my best female friend. My friend's family has had four recent diagnoses of breast cancer, with two of the individuals surviving and going on to live strong lives.

My nieces are not yet seven years old. The thought that they could die before me is unthinkable. With today's research, once they are adults, at any time the cells comprising their breast tissue could forget how to grow properly and instead grow out of control. By taking part in this walk I intend to make a difference. I want to see the research of my nieces' adulthood ensure that their cells retain their genetic programming and continue to grow properly.

I want them to live long and healthy lives, challenged not by the need to survive but by how to gloriously thrive.

I invite everyone who reads this blog to visit my Weekend webpage at

I invite everyone who is able do so, to make a donation at my web page. This money goes directly towards cancer research. Help give a future to the future of my nieces and all the children we know.

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