Kisses that don't end....  

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1/28/2006 9:02 pm

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Kisses that don't end....

I've read about "drugging with kisses" but I had never experienced it until yesterday evening.

I had the good fortune to have my first intimate experience with a gentleman from this system, who is the first in what I aim to become a select circle of special friends.

He and I had connected from the moment we first met in early January. For various reasons it was a few weeks before we set up our "date" to meet and test the waters.

He arrived at my door with a smile on his face. We had been supposed to go out for dinner......

Those plans changed when he stepped into my home and we kissed for the first time. His lips were soft, enveloping, gentle, and yet in a sense commanding, by which I mean he was definitely "driving" the kiss.

His lips covered mine in encore reprisals of that first kiss. When he moved to introduce my throat to this pleasure, I had to hold onto his shoulders. I was overwhelmed by the sensations and felt a similar lightheadedness and euphoria that has accompanied my few forays into altering my consciousness.

He was indeed drugging me with his kisses. They are a drug for which I look forward to acquiring a habit.

We engaged in many other wonderful activities throughout the evening, including a fair amount of less drugging and more invigorating, ahem, flogging.

How lucky indeed I am, to have my cake and eat it too!

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