In the Dungeon  

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12/26/2005 1:43 am

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In the Dungeon

After Joe and I rejoined J&D, I found out that the letter of my room, "D", stood for dungeon. By that time though E had arrived--another gent I met on a different system.

The five of us had spent some time in J&D's room, me seated betwixt my two friends, with a hand under each's towel. We went down to the common room to be social and then finally opened my room, "D".

It was a delightful, dimly lit room with chains on the walls and a generous double bed. Joe and E and I began to play a bit on our own, with the door open for visitors. The two of them were wonderful about making me the center of attention, with a mouth on each breast, or one holding my legs apart for the other one!

After a while, a couple we'd met in the common room dropped in to see what was happening. She was wearing a sarong style skirt with many necklaces adorning her bare cleavage. Also adorning her cleavage were the hoops through her nipples.

I asked her if I could suck on her breasts, as I had not yet had the opportunity to play with a pierced nipple. She smiled and walked to me. As E and Joe continued to play with my body, I reached for her firm yet soft breast and raised my mouth to the nipple. I ran my tongue along the metal, playing with gently sucking it into my mouth while flicking at the flesh with my tongue.

When I drew back I gave her a big thank you and the couple left to continue their "rounds".

Stay tuned.

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