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7/24/2006 9:20 pm

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Asia Carrera blog

I have not blogged in far too long.

Life, coupled with work, coupled with drastic personal shifts for friends, coupled with a natural tendency to isolate myself.... All conspired towards silence.

So out of the silent blogger, now comes a blog entry.

This morning I visited Margaret Cho's blog (, also for the first time in a while. Her June 21 entry is titled "For Asia Carrera" a name I recognized, of course, so I read on. The entry was short, directing the reader to Asia's blog/bulletins (

I visited the site and found myself humbled, filled with compassion, and filled with admiration for this woman. Asia, as most here will know, was the first (and perhaps remains the only) Asian American porn star. I personally find her beautiful and on occasion very effective in her portrayal of sexual enjoyment.

What I had not realized was that Asia had withdrawn from acting in porn some years ago, fallen in love, gotten married, had a daughter and this past year became pregnant again.

I learnt all of this from the site, but first I learnt that Asia's husband had died, just over a month ago.

Although I am canny enough to know that celebrities do publicity stunts, the fact is I do not care if this is one. It may be. On the other hand, these bulletins may be what they truly appear to be: the writings of a woman and mother in midst of an overwhelming grief. I was touched to the core by her words and my heart and best wishes go out to her.

She was given a great gift in her husband of three years. She gives a great gift in sharing her feelings and experiences with the world, connecting humans one to the other.

She seems to be an amazing woman. I'm glad I dropped by Margaret Cho's blog this morning.

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