Am I Cassandra reincarnated?  

rm_mishkarma 49F
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1/15/2006 10:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am I Cassandra reincarnated?

Not that I have been prophesying. However, I have been telling the truth and it stuns me the number of people who choose to take my actual words and spin doctor them according to their own reality.

Yes I'm a bit miffed so I'm venting here.

Don't get me wrong. I am still meeting lots of wonderful people here in Edmonton. I even went for dim sum with several lovely people from AdultFriendFinder and had a fun time! I also had another promising first date last Friday.

I'm taking my time getting to know people before getting intimate, making sure my comfort and trust levels are there---pieces I've found essential for me in exploring this lifestyle.

I'm irritated then that there are other people I chat with, here or privately on another system, who don't take me at my word.

I am interested in the crowd scene. I am interested in forming a select circle of friends with whom I can become emotionally intimate and then sexually intimate. From within that circle I would like to continue to explore the crowd scene. If in the process of this, I were to find my soul mate who shares all of these interests and meets me on the other levels of my life (including spiritually), I would consider that to be an amazing bonus.

I am not merely gaining notches for my headboard. I have not opened my legs to the entire Canadian army nor population, nor would I consider doing so. I am not eager to partake of any and all sexual play sent my way.

I have my own goals and standards and I stick to them. If they don't match yours, that's fine. We are all of us different. Please then though have the courtesy not to contact me with the pretense that we are on the same page.

Pretense is just that pretending. Inevitably reality wins out.

That leads me to one other point: I state in my profile that I am not interested in an individual who is part of a couple but the other partner is not part of the play. I am serious about this. I realize that I will likely play with such individuals in a party setting--so be it. However, for my circle of friends, I have set this personal boundary.


Because of the pretense that would be required without that boundary. I choose not to present one face publicly and another privately within my circle of friends. I choose not to lie to any of the partners of my most intimate friends.

It's strictly a personal boundary. Mine own. And I own it entirely.

Thanks for reading my venting. I appreciate it. I hope everyone created a wonderful weekend for themselves and creates a wonderful week to come.

rm_jst4fn42 56M
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1/18/2006 5:43 am

I appreciate your candid comments and your strength of character in sticking to your limits. Most guys, as you no doubt are aware, hope your not serious and if you are that they are sexy enough to convince you otherwise. Your right. Don't listen.

I'm new to the scene and still not sure. It's good to see someone like yourself.

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