Do you get the picture?  

rm_misfit8882 47M
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7/12/2005 11:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do you get the picture?

Nothing to say? Then shut your face. Do you get the picture? Don't like what you see? Look the other way, do you get the picture? I'm sick of hearing complaining when nobody's creating

You want something better? Then you've got to make an effort, because nobody else cares less. Want some respect? Look to yourself. Do you get the picture?

Don't like who you are? Then change.

I'm tired of hearing escapist excuses, try putting yourself to better usage. You've got to be top class, dignified. Got to stay sharp, in touch, notified. Feeling yourself starting to stagnate? Better get up off your knees before it's too late. Get back on top, fulfil your life, it's not enough to simply stay alive.

If you've got an idea put it forward, don't keep it in the back of your mind. Don't fret yourself about criticism, sometimes you have got to be cruel to be kind. Go on, make it, look in the mirror, do you see a person that's framed (Trapped)It's up to you and only you, get the picture? You're the only person to blame.

Don't get indignant with me boy, I'll give you something to cry for. You see these hands? They look so soft but they are ready and willing when it all goes off. No, don't get indulgent with me boy, knock self-importance on the head. Don't sit there moaning "there's nothing I can do," just start thinking instead. It's simple, when it rains we get wet, when it's sunny we get hot, sometimes I wonder if that's all we've got.

Don't get depressed, never give in; even when down, remember we can win. You know, he knows, she knows, I know, they know, we all know, fuck knows... and so on.

Don't get cynical with me girl, I'll give you something to cry for. You see these hands, they look so soft, but they find the target when the lights go off. You don't get cynical with me girl, don't tell me life can be bad. I don't need that shit shoved in my face; I like to believe we can make a stand.

But we are so small and the machine is so big.
It tells us what to do, tells us what to think
If we don't stand a chance may as well be dead.
Forward our intentions, re-create instead.

Come on!

PMSKhan 86G

5/28/2006 9:10 am

Very well said....but there are things that is hard to do for we thot of others that might get hurt for the things that we intend to do....ya pictures whatever you wanna do and dont care whoeva cross with it too..its like show no no mercy...just go on with yourself and get ya owm life....anyway, we were not born for just ourselves we were here to be others hand and feet...
So.....people wont stop craving...dont worry that

I liek your thots man..keep it more

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