Who Are We Really "Doing It" For?  

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8/5/2005 4:10 am

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Who Are We Really "Doing It" For?

When you have sex with someone, you expect a lot. Don't you? Well, I do and I feel that you would be lost in your sexual world if you didn't. You have sex because either you need it or you crave it or you want it. Any way you feel about it you want to be satisfied, pleasured, and fulfilled. Right? So, when you lay with someone you are expecting to have these things done. When it's over and your not any of these, who did you really "do it" for? It might seem selfish to some but I know that when I get laid I NEED to ALL of these, satisfied, fulfilled, and pleasured, but most of all, pleased, not only with the results but pleased in my "job" well done because he is all of these too.
I know that some men and women out there are only "doing it" for themselves and could care less about if their partner is satisfied. To me that is selfish. I need to satisfy him as well as he needs to satisfy me. Then it will be done correctly. If it isn't and you are looking to be with this person again, then their are some things that the two of you need to talk about. Share your thoughts about what you like, what he likes and what you both dislike and be honest and if you can do these things then it should be cake next time you two roll in the sheets.
I think that if everyone is pleased in their sexual life then the world would probably be a better and happier one. What do you think?

bisexualct 44M

12/18/2005 4:43 pm

hi read your blog and found you to be a very smart prety sexy woman and very good views on sex and men and woman id love to chat with you drop me a line later

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