Rules for GREAT SEX  

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9/6/2006 4:26 pm
Rules for GREAT SEX

This is from someone with the experience every man can envy. I'm not a man whore, but I LOVE SEX A LOT!! I'm not a nymph, but between four walls, there are no boundaries. If you have boundaries, this is not for you. I don't sit and wait and cry for my partner as she walks out the door. I know that for every one that leaves, there are four just waiting to be loved.


Rules for GREAT SEX

-Promise yourself that nothing can disturb you while having sex

-Be sincere of your wooing for no matter who bad the fuck is, a good wooing will give you an orgasm

-Speak of happiness, fantasies, and dirrty words to the ones you fondle

-Make your friends aware of the special sexual qualities they have within them

-Look at the sunny side of all sexual encounters you have, and let your imagination work to make them better

-Think, Work for, and Expect only the BEST FUCK EVER

-Be authentic about the orgasms of others and that of your own

-Forget about the worse sex you've had, and press on to greater ones

-Wear a "sheerful" countenance when you've experienced multiple orgasms with your lover

-Give so much time to improve your sex appeal, that you don't have time to criticize others

-Be too wise to get a lame fuck, too tolerant to take it in strife, and too courageous to visit Uranus

-Take the highest quality pride in your love making ability for the bitterness of lame sex will remain long after your done

-Be proud of all the enemies you can fuck over, sexual freedom is not free

-Dirrty words make everyday sex that much better

-Faith in your sexual ability will make you a better lover

BY Martin aka mipapi829

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