Angry and Loud  

rm_miniaxis 36F
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6/15/2006 9:54 pm
Angry and Loud

For all my dedicated readers (like I have them hehe) since yesterday I didn’t have a blog I have decided to add two today to make up for it.

When I am in a shitty mood I like to listen to loud, fast thumping music, really angry stuff. The louder the better it always improves my mood it is like a huge weight of stress is taken away by the angriness of music.
I know other people prefer soothing music to calm them down but not me it puts me to sleep and I’ll still be shitty afterwards.
Whenever my younger sister gets in my car the first thing she does is check the volume on the stereo and nine times out of ten she has to turn it down.
See the more things that piss me off the louder it gets it may start out as a reasonable level. As things shit me the volume rises, a car cutting me off, me thinking about something someone has done that annoys me, or something that I still have to get done.
There is nothing more liberating in my opinion than driving along with the music up loud singing along at the top of your lungs. Sure I probably look like a complete dick but I feel better and that’s all that matters.

I feel heaps better even now thinking about the music I will play when I get in the car on my way home.

There has been a lot of loud angry music played in my car lately. And the weird thing is I listen to like everything and I mean everything. I don’t think that there is any type of music that I dislike. There are some types that I listen to a little more than others depending on whatever mood takes me.

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