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8/30/2005 6:16 pm

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Meets or surpasses all the main criteria.

• A real crowd pleaser.

• Low cost.

• Easy to prepare.

• Fast.

• Kids love it.

• Looks..........?...........Fantastic!!!!


1. Take one dall puri roti skin and cut it into quarters. "Bus' Up Shot" also works well and can look even better.

2. Then take a sausage (That is a Coney, a frank, a frankfurter, or whatever you call it), cut a little slit at one end and place it on the roti quarter.--- The end with the slit should be protruding slightly from one side of the roti skin..

3. Now, smother it with grated cheese (the stinkier the better) and plaster it with mayonnaise.

4. You can add other condiments of your choice at this stage, e.g.. I sometimes add a generous blob of mustard to the end with the slit. I call that a "Syphilitic Toti Roti".

5. Now you simply roll it up. Making sure that the slit end protrudes slightly of course, and microwave it for one minute.

6. Remove the plate and you'll see the most mouth watering morsel. The heat has swelled the protruding end of the sausage. The cheese has melted and is oozing out along with the mayonnaise. Stick your fork in it and watch the the mayonnaise spurt!.......... ooooooh!

7. Enjoy.

I posted this blog and then deleted it. I thought it was too silly.
But then I saw AdultFriendFinder had a button to simply click and reload it. So I did.
Is it too silly?

rm_Bruiser_99 38M
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9/2/2005 6:26 am

De Toti Roti aint too bad. Personally, I would have made a pussy pie or nanny in bread or summting so because I would prefer to not eat prick in this lifetime. But it wasn't too silly.

rm_mikemala 57M/48F
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9/2/2005 3:27 pm

Then give me some ideas about cooking jelly fish.

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