Lucky thing I didn't have a gun.  

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Lucky thing I didn't have a gun.

It was a Friday night. I went to the pub with my girlfriend.
She was such a cute little thing. I wonder where she is now.
We were sitting at a table having a drink when a friend of mine suddenly plumped himself down on one of the chairs.
He stared at me. "So what ye saying fuck face? Ye asshole."
What? What you talkin' about?
He was more of an acquaintance to me than a friend. Peter was his name.
"I'm talkin' to you shithead." He said.
I started to get frightened.
But not of him of course, I know how to handle myself. But I wasn't looking for no scene.
"Look, I barely know you. I've just come to have a quiet little drink with my girlfriend and I don't want any problems. Please just leave us alone."
"So that's your girlfriend? She looks like a slut to me? Nothing but a little whore. "
Now, a jackass like like that can insult me whole day and night and I'd just laugh in his face. But when he insulted my girlfriend, it got to me. Maybe it shouldn't have, but it did.
He noticed.
With a big smile on his face now and leaning back in his chair. "Yeh, that little tart you have there. Where you pick she up, down by the harbor?
Any normal man would have been honor bound to smash his face in right then and their.
But I said to my girlfriend. "Look, I''m sorry, but I don't want any trouble, lets just get out of here."
"Yes, yes, I agree. Don't get into any fight over me!"
But I could tell. Inside she was saying, "What kind of man is he?"
Peter got up went to the bar.
"Right". I said. "Now's our chance. Let's go!"
But Peter saw us leaving. "Hey where the fuck you think you're goin'"
We were out the door by then. "Look we're going to another pub..... Just leave us alone."
He was following two steps behind us.
"Ye goin'? Ye goin'? You and that ugly little slut? Ye goin'?
And then it happened.
He pushed her from behind.

Faintly, from far, far away, I heard. "Stop it man, he's had enough!"
But I was blind. Everything was black.
"Stop it, he's had enough!"
My vision started to clear.
He was on the ground and I was on top of him. I had a hold of his hair and was smashing his head against the concrete. Again and again and again.
How I got there I don't know.
"What the hell am I doing?"
I looked up. People were standing and staring at us from across the street. "Hey man, that''s enough. Can't you see that's enough?"
His head was covered in blood. My hands were covered in blood.
"My God, what have I done?"
My girlfriend was just standing there, frozen.
I grabbed her hand. "Run!"

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10/13/2005 9:29 pm

i agree totally!!

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