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I was just waking up from a Sunday afternoon nap. I was laying naked on my bed when I sensed something above me.
I opened my eyes to see my wife bending over me. She had a mischievous grin on her face and in her right hand she was holding a big fluorescent coloured dildo which was slavered all over with KY lubricating gel.
I didn’t like the look on her face. “What the.....What ye doin with that? Where ye think ye putin’ that?”
“Isn’t this what you always wanted? Anal sex?” The grin on her face widened.
“Well.....Yes.....I mean.....Yes.....But......But I was talking about...you know...the other way around!”
“Oh come on.” She said. “You’ll like it. It won’t hurt.....much. ‘Tell you what, if you do it, I’ll do it too......promise!”
“Well that sounds fair enough, but why me first, why don’t you try it first?”
“Oh come on.” She said. “Don’t be a baby, just close your eyes, lye back, relax and enjoy it.” Her fingers closed my eyes and she pressed me back on to the pillow.
My legs were pulled apart and pushed upwards.
A few seconds later something cold, hard and slimy was pressing up inside my ass hole.
I gasped loudly, my eyes flew wide open, eyeballs popping. “Ohhh Jeeeezuz Christ!!!”
Deeper and deeper it went.
“Aaaaaaaaah! Oh God! Oh God! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
It felt like a fuckin’ football.
I started to sweat all over. It felt like my head was going to explode.
The object was now all the way in. She started to work it in and out.....slowly.
“Oh God!.....Oh Jeezuz!......Oh God!”
“Relax.” She said. “Don’t fight it. Just relax.”
By this time I had the sheet stuffed in my mouth, biting it hard, my head was thrashing to the left and right.
And then I caught sight of something on the pillow next to my head. It was a dildo.
What? Another dildo? What the fuck did she think she was going to do with that?
“I.....I....I didn’t know that we had two dildo’s.” I said.
“We don’t.”
“What?......Then!........Then!........Then what the hell ye usin’ down there?!?!”
She held up the slender index finger of her right hand.

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