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8/27/2005 2:22 am

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I'll Try Anything


I enjoy coming up with new recipes.
I’m a keen diver and divers as you know, have to face some pretty nasty
One of the worst of these is jelly fish. Fortunately jelly fish tend to be seasonal, and
consequently most of the year they are hardly around. But unfortunately, when a
seasonal things time does come around then watch out, they are everywhere. Sometimes
jelly fish are so thick you can almost walk on the water. And most of you (those that
have been “Down De Islands” a couple of times) will know that I’m not exaggerating.
“With so many millions of these things around, what are they good for? What do
people do with them?” I asked.
Nothing. We have no use for them, and strangely enough not even any kind of fish seems
to eat them.
Well that was challenge enough for me. I resolved to find a way of cooking jelly fish.
The first question was. Could they be cooked at all? I mean if you try to fry up some
Jello you can imagine that the whole thing would simply break down and boil off.
Would the same thing happen to jelly fish?
Well, if that were to happen then I was still determined to try it in soups and stews.
The next question, and probably the foremost one on your mind. “What about the
stinging tentacles?”
I didn’t see that as a problem. Simply core the thing like an apple, removing the
stinging part. And who knows you might even be able to make a really hot pepper
sauce with the tentacles, or even “Mace” spray.
You know it’s funny, but absolutely everyone I told about it said that I was fuckin’
Most of them just burst out laughing, thinking that I was telling a joke. I would have
a hard time persuading them that I was serious - then they would say I was crazy.
Last weekend I tried it for the first time.
And......It was fantastic!
It surpassed even my most optimistic expectations. It didn’t melt away at all, in fact
it got a little bit tougher, a bit like how egg protein hardens when it’s heated I suppose.
The texture was indescribable. Hard and chewy, but jellyish at the same time. And
the taste? Well it was a bit salty, but that seemed to be how it should be.
And now my mind boggles at the possibilities. A million and one ideas. When you
think about it something like that is extremely versatile. You could do anything with
it....soups, stews, pastas, Chinese, curry, salads, appetizers....and yes, why the hell
not...even deserts.
Of course I’m open to suggestions. If you think of anything....let me know.

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