A Ghostly Apparition  

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8/27/2005 2:06 am

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A Ghostly Apparition


It was the thunder that woke me. I could hear the rain pouring outside and the storm blowing through the trees, the bamboo creaking.
I opened my eyes. The room was pitch black, no moonlight could penetrate that kind of cloud cover. I lay for a while, listening to the wind and the rain and the distant rolling thunder.
I decided to get up and go to the bathroom.
I was feeling my way through darkness, towards the door, when I sensed something to my left. I snapped around in fright, and there, about ten feet away from me, hovering in the air, was a round, glowing white orb.
I was petrified, the thing had a strange inner light. It seemed to be pulsing, radiating.
"Oh My God! What the fuck is that?"
I was terrified!!
My mind was racing. Was it extraterrestrial or supernatural? I’d heard a lot about ball lightening and that kind of stuff, but this thing was alive!
And then I noticed something else! It seemed to be attached to something, or to be a part of something bigger, and darker.
My heart was pounding, I was too scared to move, but I mustered enough courage to lean over a little and stretch out my neck to get a bit closer.
And then, suddenly, the dark object became clearer. It was a body........with a head!
This time I took a step closer.
And now I could see the face. And I could recognize it............It was my own.
I peered at the dark reflection of my body in the six foot wall mirror.
And about half way down there was this big round luminescent ball..............MY LILY WHITE, GLOW IN THE DARK ASS!!

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