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8/26/2006 8:54 am
sat am

well the empanada thing went away THANKS to a certain lady from utah's advise.
oh you may have noticed i got rid of my pic. two reasons
a. i want to update it
2. i have been getting ALOT of emails from men. thou this is flattering i was hoping for female companionship.

yes i am working today can you believe it!

goldenrdiane hope you are well did you get my last email?

okay here is the most interesting thing that happened yesterday. iwas installing at a client's practice. the doc and his staff had left except for his receptionist. an attractive 60-62 yo lady. charming personality the kind you want to get to know cus she is witty and attractive. well i happened to say i had thought about her the other day ( cus hse had said last timei was in the practice that she was healing from a medical problem minor really) and she said "OH! i hope you were thinking of me for more than that" so i said 'well sure you are fun to talk to and i like looking at you." then she smiled and made her pass. well the problem lies here..... she is married to the doc (my client)
so do i take her up on the offer? or what?
she is attractvie and its not like i have not thought about her but i do not think ruining a professional relationship and possibly my reputation is a risk i want to take. but she did offer and i have always been one to hate to disaapoint a woman esp attractive women
dilemna dilemna
id love to get some input

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