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8/28/2006 11:49 am

well this weekend was a bit hairy
lots of requests from my brothers (help me move!) and sister ( watch my kids and can you pick them up for me on monday!?) my poor sis a single mom two kids (great kids!) and new job but the boss may not let her pick up her son from daycare on time so i may need to pick up that task.
okay... i had a request to be with a absolutely fanatasic couple but i have to say i am a bit gun shy cus i have only been one on one AND the "hey there is another naked man with a hardon in the room" thing. what are the rules?
i hate to disappoint so i got to say go slow here
i know i know this is not what a horny male says
oh an aside goldenrdiane i would love to chat and meet but you have to repond to my email which was a response to you from your email.

i decided to not pursue my client's wife's offer after discussing this with a coworker. toomuch money on the line too much reputation too.
goto back to work more later

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