First one.  

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6/26/2006 10:29 am
First one.

This is mike, ann is playing a puter game. Well we have meet a few couples recently. the first was great, had a great time. The next few not so good. One was interested in ann only, not a couple, and the second didnt seem interested in either of us at all. But, what are you going to do. Thats why we meet to see if things click. Still had a good time. we went out had some good conversation, had a drink or two and got to meet someone new. so we didnt connect. It happens. We are still looking. Going to meet a couple on friday, and see what happens. We hope to find a couple that we both, all hit it off really well. We have this dream of being with a couple were we are attracted to each other, and go out and do things together, have a great time and then later on we all share some intimacy. like going out on a double date with your best friend. Ann is my best friend. we both enjoy the lifestyle. we watch each others back. good and bad we try to have a good time. and we try and learn from our experiences to see if we can make them better or head off ones that will be less than good. Its hard to find the one person to share your life with. It shouldnt be expected that finding another couple would be any easier. You want to connect. physical attraction, intellectual attraction, similar intrests, comfort level, and dont forget your sexual needs too.

I suppose a little about us would help any potential couples in selecting us. So here goes.

We have been doing this off and on for about 5yrs. We have been to parties, and love them. Would like to find one we could attend regularly. We also like to meet couples, because were hoping to find a couple of best friends (with benefits) to have a long relationship with. We both love sex. Ann is bi, i am straight. I love oral sex. Love getting head, love giving head. Ann says i lick better than a girl (i take that as a complement) Ann is REALLY good at blow jobs and teasing. We are not into BD&SM. a little light bondage, some blindfolding, maybe a feather or fur mitt, but nothing much more. We are not into pain. I love all positions. Ann likes being on bottom or taken from behind mostly. Ann likes to go for a long time, and a little clit stimulation certainly doesnt hurt either. I like to cum really hard, and then go again, and again, and again . I certainly dont mind pleasuring my partner while i "regain my composure" and dont object to a little help either . Ann says i am longer and thicker than average. take it for what it is. Since i dont know anything about dick size and never bothered to measure. I do know i have never dissapointed a partner with my size, frankly i get the opposite reaction. Ann gets wetter and wetter by the minute, which makes it harder and harder not to cum . She has really nice breasts. Not too big, not too small. An occasional slap on the ass fires her up too. I am not big on anal. I dont mind, enjoy it from time to time, but prefer the pussy for my fucking Ann has to be in the mood, and it has to be the right dick, according to her. I am 6'3" so ann is used to tall men. If you are less than 5'8" chances are she wont be interested. We dont care about age, unless you look like uncle jessie from the Dukes of Hazzard or Granny from the Beverly Hillbilies. If you dont know who these people are you may be a little young for us. Race is not an issue. I have a thing for asian and hispanic girls. Size is not on issue either. Just be comfortable with who your are and comfortable with who we are. Religion is also not an issue. If you dont believe the same way we do thats fine, we wont convert you, you dont convert us. I am buddhist she is pagan. I like an agreesive girl. I like to feel wanted (who doesnt) We both find passion and desire very attractive and love to be that way with our partners. I dont mind if you are a bi male. I cant see my self being with a man, but who knows. Ann enjoys girls and guys. If you respect my limits i will respect yours too. We have kids and cant usually leave untill after 8pm when the little ones are in bed and the older ones are watching them. I love being outsided, we both enjoy a good campfire. We both like the ocean. we like to watch DVD's as opposed to going to the movies. We both enjoy a play at the newport playhouse once in a while too. (I highly reccomend it for a all inclusive night out.) We prefer sipping our drinks on the couch or in the bedroom as opposed to going to the bars. We dont like crowds, well I dont at least . We like to play cards, board games, some video games, reading, listening to music. We both like children. I prefer to wear jeans, boots and a t-shirt. Although i like to dress up every now and then too. Ann is the same. we just like to be comfortable. Ann and I both smoke cigarettes, although we keep trying to quit. I am good with my hands and can fix just about anything. Ann is very intellectual and knows a great deal about a lot of different things. We are both students of life. I have played alone, ann doesnt really like it when i do. Ann has played alone and didnt have a very good experience. Although she has said with the right couple how it would be fun to trade partners for the night . So. PHEW! didnt know i had that much too say. LOL. Well one more thing i guess. I tend to be, well quiet when i meet a couple. I try not to be. Sometimes i just dont know what to say or feel awkward. Ann is the more social of the two of us. Try us and see. Perhaps your not too different from us and your looking for the same things we are. We can chat. We can meet for coffee or drinks and see if we click. If we dont, no big deal. there are other people out there. But, if we do. Well, i think we are all in for a really good time.

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