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rm_mika3090 50F
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5/10/2006 6:39 am

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5/16/2006 9:18 am

Looking for Fun

Ok, so I had yesterday off from work..I mostly sat around the house doing nothing...Which was nice because I am usually so busy doing way!! to much...I worked on a painting for a friend of mine(which I'm not happy with so it's time to start over) and sifted thru profiles..WOW...I never realized just how hard it was to find couples to hang out with...Well I mean it's easier than walking up and down the street and asking people..That would get a little awkward...But there are soooooo many couples into so many things....It's like being at Krispy Kreme and not knowing what you want...My boyfriend is going to start thinking I'm way to picky...But seriously, arent we all picky about who we spend our time with? Even if it's not sexual we still want to have the best time possible..Maybe once I sift thru all the just wanna fuck, super model, beat me, spank me, blah blah blah stuff hopefully there will be just some fun, average,wanna hang out and have fun people....

TungaXeroxPeril 53M
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5/10/2006 5:38 pm

Oh Mika, I dont think your boyfriend will think you are too picky. this takes a bit of thinking and safety. And you are right when you say there are a lot of couple into a lot of things. You know that you want friends and "fuck buddies", but it takes some time. Maybe you ought to start with just a woman with you and your BF. Things will come around, but no need to rush it. If anyone has ideas on how Mika and her boyfriend can meet some people from AdultFriendFinder (besides sleazy swing clubs) why dont you let her know. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

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